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  Hints and Tips for: Project: Battle 
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 Project: Battle Cheats

Project: Battle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Tips:
* Land on a less-crowded place.
* Grab the loot in early moments; armors, best guns, medi-packs.
* In the last moments, using the cube, you can create a large shield and 
  protect yourself from the enemy. But since the cube is in limited quantity, 
  you have to obtain it; just find crates and obtain this crafting material.
* Donít use the cube at the beginning of the game.
* Find Vehicle.
  -There are two benefits of having a vehicle;
  -You can easily kill enemies.
  -You can move to the safe zone fast.
  -Thatís why you should find a vehicle. But in the last moments, 
   it would be better to exit the vehicle; because of:
  -The safe zone is too shrunk.
  -What if your enemy has created a tower using the cube? He can easily 
   kill you from there. And while driving a vehicle, you can not access 
   the gun or cube feature.
* Keep yourself at the edge of the safe zone.
* Hide behind the rocks, trees, buildings.
* In the last moments, create a tower using the cube and shoot your enemies 
  from the top.
* Always equip the best weapon in your hand.

Landing On The Battlefield:
* The very first step in Project Battle game is of landing; it is the most 
important part because it determines the range of loot and encounters with 
other other players. Tap on the mini-map, check the circle area (Safe zone), 
look at the battlefield (pick a location where you want to land). 
Once you reach there, tap on the plane icon and thatís it.

* To land quickly, you can activate the nitro boost (just tap/hold on the 
skateboard icon) and at the left-side of the screen, hold down and swipe 
up/down/left/right to navigate.

* At the top-left side of the screen, you can check your partner and your 
status and just above it, you can check how many players are alive and how 
many players you have killed.

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