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  Hints and Tips for: Project Warlock 
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 Project Warlock Cheats

Project Warlock

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Edit Save File (for Refunding Upgrade Points):
Written by Max

This guide will show how to edit your save file to change what guns you have 
unlocked, select different upgrades, give yourself spells or remove them, 
give yourself as many upgrade points as you like, increase your health and 
ammo counts, etc.

-=Guide to Editing Save File=-

This guide is specifically for Windows 10, but if you dig around for your 
save file it may still be helpful if you are on Mac or Linux or and older 
version of Windows.

-=Where the Save is Located=-
On windows, your save file is located in
C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Buckshot Software\Project Warlock\

Note: might be a different number for you.

Username is going to be whatever your windows username is. 
It will be the name that pops up when you log into windows.

If AppData is not visible in Explorer, go to View tab on the top of the window, 
Options pulldown on right, Change folder and view options, View tab, and then 
View Hidden Files, Folders and Drives. This is specifically for windows 10, but
windows has had the option to view hidden files since the 90's so if you look 
around you should be able to find the option.

-=How to Edit=-
Inside that folder you should find a file called "gamesave". 
That is where your character stats and info is located.

You should make a backup, just in case you screw something up. 
Right click on the file and then Copy, then right click somewhere in the folder 
and click Paste. It should pop up as "gamesave - Copy"
After that you can edit the original. Thats the one that does not say "Copy" i
n the name. Right click the file, and select "Open with". 
That will pop up a list of programs. Open it with Notepad.

Once this pops up you should see something like this:

{"Key":"BOSS_5_UNLOCKED","Value":0},{"Key":"Active Weapon","Value":10},
{"Key":"Active Spell","Value":0},{"Key":"HasSpell1","Value":0},

This is the guts of it, and where all the info is saved. 
Fortunately almost all of it is in plaintext and is pretty straightforward 
to decipher.

To make it easy on yourself, you can just give yourself more points and buy 
them in-game. {"Key":"UnlockPoints","Value":5}, is the one to unlock more 
guns and spells. Just change the number after "Value" to something higher. 
Like change the 5 in my case to a 12, or 99 or whatever you feel like. 
For perk points and stat points, 
use {"Key":"PerkPoint","Value":0},{"Key":"StatPoints","Value":1}

If you want to add or remove spells, use HasSpell1 through HasSpell8. 
Just change the value to a 1 to add it, or 0 to remove it. To change gun 
types, change the "GunnameUpgrade" value to something else. 0 is not 
upgraded at all, 1 is the upgrade on the left in the menu (ie. ballista 
for crossbow) and 2 is the upgrade on the right in the menu 
(ie. tripleshot crossbow). Same thing with perks. 
1 to add the named perk, 0 to remove.

To unlock levels its the same thing. 0 is locked, 1 is unlocked. 
For more lives its {"Key":"Lives","Value":17}.

Once you get the hang of it, its pretty straightforward to make the changes 
you want. After you are done, go to File -> Save in notepad. Do not change 
the name. Then just restart the game through steam. 
The changes you made should be present.

And that's how to edit your save. If you don't want to be "cheating" you can 
just be fair about how many points to give yourself. Like remove an upgrade 
that cost you 5 points, then give yourself 5 more points to compensate. 
Refund accomplished!

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