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  Hints and Tips for: Pumpkin Days 
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 Pumpkin Days Cheats

Pumpkin Days

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cooking Recipes:
Written by MapleMabari

Every cooking recipes I've found so far in the game, so that you can 
experiment without getting a disaster dish.

-=How to Cook=-
Cooking in Pumpkin days is rather easy; if you haven't followed the tutorial 
offered by the game or forgot, here is a quick recap.

First, you will need a Kitchen. Most of them can be bought at the home 
improvement shop.

The small Kitchen will be the only one available for a while, until you ship 
enough cooked meals to get improvement.

Each Kitchen has a certain amount of "slots" you can add your ingredients in.
Note that each item will be added individually; you cannot put a stack of say, 
three lemons in a slot, it is one lemon per slot.

If you do not know a recipe yet, you will want to use the "experiment" button; 
this way you can just cook from scratch and discover any recipe listed there 
in game.

Once you added the needed ingredients in each slot, you will have to do a quick 
minigame; simply left click while the cursor is over the green zone to 
successfully cook. (I haven't used a controller, but the idea is the same; the 
game will give you a prompt with the right button to press.)

If you miss the green area, or if you add ingredients that do not work together 
to make a dish, you will receive a disaster dish instead.

-=Small Kitchen=-
It costs 400g, and will allow you to cook anything that only needs two ingredients.

-=Medium Kitchen=-
It costs 850g, and will allow you to cook anything that needs three ingredients 
or less.

-=Large Kitchen=-
It costs 1300g, and will allow you to cook anything that needs four ingredients 
or less.

-=Master Kitchen=-
I do not know its cost, cannot be bought at the home improvement store, needs 
to be crafted or will rarely show up in the furniture store. Allows you to 
cook anything that needs six ingredients or less.

Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Apple Juice(20g): two apples
Banana Milk: banana, milk
Blackberry Juice(20g): two blackberries
Cherry Juice(20g): two cherries
Chocolate Milk: cocoa powder, milk
Coconut Water(20g): two coconuts
Latte: espresso, milk
Lemon Tea(20g): lemon, camelia
Orange Juice(20g): two oranges
Raspberry Juice(20g): two Raspberries
Strawberry Juice(20g): two strawberries
Tomato Juice(20g):two tomatoes

Medium Kitchen (3 ingredients needed):

Lemonade(20g): 2 lemons, one sugar

-=Vegetable Dishes=-
Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Corn on the Cob: 1 corn, 1 butter
Fries: 1 potato, 1 cooking oil
Potato Parsley(10g): 1 potato, 1 parsley
Spinach and Strawberry Salad: 1 spinach, 1 strawberry
Turnip Fries: 1 turnip, 1 cooking oil

Medium Kitchen (3 ingredients needed):

Cranberry Salad: 1 cranberry, 2 lettuce
Tofu: 3 soy beans

Master Kitchen(6 ingredients needed):

Italian Salad: 1 lettuce, 1 tomato, 1 olive, 1 lemon, 1 onion
Seitan Stew: 1 seitan, 1 carrot,1 onion, 1 celery, 1 potato, 1 beef seasoning

-=Meat Dishes=-
Master Kitchen(6 ingredients needed):

Chicken Parmesan: 1 chicken meat, 1 cheese, 1 tomato, 1 bread, 1 chicken seasoning

Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Bowl of Oatmeal: 1 oatmeal, 1 milk
Corn Cereal: 1 corn, 1 milk
Pancake(50g): 1 flour, 1 honey
Rice Pudding: 1 cooked rice, 1 milk

Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):
Black Bean Soup(20g): 1 black bean, 1 salt
Kidney Bean Soup(20g): 1 kidney bean, 1 salt
Mushroom Soup(20g): 1 mushroom, 1 salt
Onion Soup(20g): 1 onion, 1 salt
Potato Soup(20g): 1 potato, 1 salt
Tomato Soup(20g): 1 tomato, 1 salt
Turnip Soup(20g): 1 turnip, 1 salt

Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Cheese Bread: 1 dough, 1 cheese

Medium Kitchen (3 ingredients needed):

Pumpkin Bread: 1 dough, 1 sugar, 1 pumpkin

Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Ketchup: 1 tomato, 1 sugar

Master Kitchen(6 ingredients needed):

Black Bean Burger: 1 bread, 1 black bean, 1 walnut, 1 lettuce, 1 ketchup

Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Cherry Candies: 1 sugar, 1 cherry
Raspberry Candies: 1 sugar, 1 raspberry

Large Kitchen(4 ingredients needed):

Blackberry Jam:2 sugar, 2 blackberries
Lemon Jam(20g): 2 sugar, 2 lemon
Strawberry Jam:2 sugar, 2 strawberries

-=Cake & Pies=-
Large Kitchen (4 ingredients needed):

Raspberry Cake: 1 raspberry, 1 sugar, 1 batter, 1 sweet spices

-=Fish Dishes=-
Small Kitchen (2 ingredients needed):

Butter Clams: 1 clam, 1 butter
Coconut Shrimps: 1 shrimp, 1 coconut
Grilled Shrimps: 2 shrimps
Honey Scallops: 1 scallop, 1 honey
Honey Shrimps: 1 sweet shrimp, 1 honey
Oyster Stew:1 oyster, 1 butter

-=Large Kitchen (4 ingredients needed):
Cheesy Oysters: 1 oyster, 1 cheese, 1 garlic, 1 spinach

There's a few other ways to prepare meals other than using a Kitchen. 

They are as follow:

-=Fish Grill=-
If you've gone fishing, you will have noticed a little grill on every fishing dock. 
You can use it to immediately cook your fish by grilling them. Not everything you 
fish will grill (Eels, Jellyfishes and generally crustaceans or seashells will n
ot in my experience).

To grill a fish, simply put it in the slot there and wait it out. 
It doesn't take long.

Note that it is a good idea to grill most of what you fish in the beginning of 
the game, as Grilled fish sells for 20g.

You can buy a grill at the home improvement store for 800g.

-=Fish Prep Station=-
The Fish Prep station works the same as the Fish grill; you simply put a fish 
in the slot and will get a processed item.

You can buy it at the home improvement store for 250g.

-=List of Fishes you can grill/prep:=-
Grilled Fish (Grill, 20g):


Crab Meat (Fish Prep Station, 30g):

-=Mitten Crab=-
Fish Filet (Fish Prep Station ,25g):

Rainbow Trout

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