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  Hints and Tips for: Quake 2 
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 Quake 2 Cheats

Quake 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Joshua

Quake 2 and is a second option for unlimited ammo in single player mode
(all versions and all mission packs). Whilst in game press F5. Go to 
dmflags and press enter. Go down to unlimited ammo and press enter.
Press escape twice to get back to the game.
Type in all cheats in the Quake II console (use ~ key to bring it up).

Code                        Description
g_unlimited_ammo 999        Unlimited ammo.
give all                    All weapons, items and full ammo.
give adrenaline             Adrenaline.
give airstrike marker       AirStrike marker.
give ammo                   Full ammo.
give ammo pack              Ammo pack.
give ancient head           Ancient head.
give armor                  200 body armor.
give armor shard            Armor shard.
give bandolier              Bandolier.
give bfg10k                 BigFu*kingGun10k.
give blaster                Blaster.
give blue key               Blue key.
give body armor             +1 body armor.
give bullets                50 bullets.
give cells                  50 cells.
give chaingun               Chaingun.
give combat armor           Combat armor.
give commander's head       Commander's head.
give data cd                Data CD.
give data spinner           Data spinner.
give environment suit       Environment suit.
give grenade launcher       Grenade launcher.
give grenades               5 grenades.
give health                 100 health.
give jacket armor           Jacket armor.
give machinegun             Machinegun.
give power cube             Power cube.
give power shield           Power shield.
give pyramid key            Pyramid key.
give quad damage            Quad damage.
give railgun                Railgun.
give rebreather             Rebreather.
give red key                Red key.
give rocket launcher        Rocket launcher.
give rockets                5 rockets.
give security pass          Security pass.
give shells                 10 shells.
give shotgun                Shotgun.
give silencer               Silencer.
give slugs                  10 slugs.
give super shotgun          Super shotgun.
give weapons                All weapons.
god                         God mode.
noclip                      No clipping mode.
notarget                    Enemies won't see you.
sv_gravity ###              Sets gravity to ###.

Submitted by: Bob

When playing the game (not multiplayer) if you press Esc, go to the multiplayer
mode, set it on deathmatch and change the unlimited ammo setting to "yes" and 
then press Esc to get back to the game, you will have unlimited ammo. This must
be repeated every time you get on, even if it is a saved game.

Type in all cheats in the Quake II console (use ~ key to bring it up).

cl_footsteps 0 - turns off footsteps
Submitted by: Shane

sv_gravity 1000000 (makes it to where you cant jump but die on falls unless little
Submitted by: Bill Barr

Submitted by:  Keerthivasan 

Press '~' button and type "exec boss.cfg" which gets you to the last stage of Quake 2.

Easter Egg - Development Team:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook

You xan view special picturesof the development team in a secret room after 
defeating the final boss;just look for the crackon the wall after the battle.

Unlimited ammunition:
Note: This trick requires v3.20. Start a normal single player game. Go to main 
menu, then select "Multiplayer" and select "New Server" (but do not start a 
server). Go to game settings (deathmatch flags) and turn on the infinite 
ammunition option. Return to your normal single player game for unlimited 

No falling damage:
Note: This trick requires v3.20. Start a normal single player game. Go to main 
menu, then select "Multiplayer" and select "New Server" (but do not start a 
server). Go to game settings (deathmatch flags) and turn off the falling damage 
option. Return to your normal single player game for no falling damage.

Unlimited ammunition:
Begin a normal game, under any difficulty setting. During game play, press [Esc].
 Select "Multiplayer", then "Start Network Server", then "Deathmatch Flags". Find 
the option for unlimited ammunition and turn it on, but do not start a multi-player
game. Instead, press the [Esc] until your game resumes. You will now have unlimited 

Hint: Raven sign:
In Episode 2 Map 7 (secret level) shoot all of the gargoyle faces once. They will 
bleed. Then, move to the long, flashing corridor where you encounter two Hell 
Knights in alcoves. Shoot the wall of the second alcove to reveal a hidden room 
containing the initials of Tim Willits and Teresa Chasar, along with a raven symbol 
for the raven levels that they made for Doom 2. 

Defeating the Makron:
Shoot him in the head with a rail gun. He will fall over and not be able to attack
you. Note: This only works when he is small.

Avoid fall damage:
When falling from high locations, hold [Jump] and you will receive any damage.

Hidden marines in online manual:
Start the HTML game manual. Display the credits by clicking the iD logo in the lower
right corner. A marine from Quake will appear over Quake 2 logo, followed by a Quake
2 marine.

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