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 Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire Cheats

Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

[ALT] + K : Alter stats (start with 0). Enter one of the following
numbers from to select the corresponding individual or spell skill.

0: Strength 
1: Intelligence 
2: Agility 
3: Vitality 
4: Luck 
5: Weapon Use 
6: Parry 
7: Dodge 
8: Stealth 
9: Pick Locks 
10: Throwing 
11: Climbing 
12: Magic 
13: Communication 
14: Honor 
15: Experience 
16: Health Points 
17: Stamina Points 
18: Magic Points 
19: Open 
20: Detect Magic 
21: Trigger 
22: Dazzle 
23: Zap 
24: Calm 
25: Flame Dart 
26: Fetch 
27: Force Bolt 
28: Levitate 
29: Reversal 

Type in the command 'Suck blue frog': 
It should enable a cheat mode in which typing ALT-H to change your stats,
and ALT-I to change your inventory. 

Get all the money you desire:
You'll lose all the money near the end of the game, but spend all you want
until them. All you do is visit the Dervish at the desert oasis. Get some 
of his beard off the tree. Return to Shapier and go to the Magic Shop. Sell
the Beard to the shop keeper for money. You can repeat this as many times 
as you want, without getting more beard. 

If you have about 500+ dinars, and buy about 100+ daggers from the guy in
the weapons shop, you will get paid instead of him, and you will get the 
daggers. If you do this enough you can even get a negative weight (although 
it doesn't do anything).

If you were smart enough to cut the beard of the dude in the desert and 
bring it to Keepon Laffin'and did "SELL BEARD" you received a lotsa money
for it.

You don't need the beard to receive money, just do "SELL BEARD" and he'll
give you money.  You can do this as many times as you like.

Edit inventory items:
Enable cheat mode and press [Alt] + I. Enter one of the following numbers 
from to select the corresponding inventory item. 

1: Centime 
2: Dinar 
3: Ration 
4: Broadsword 
5: Dagger 
6: Leather Armor 
7: Shield 
8: Paper 
9: Rock 
10: Lock Pick 
11: Thief's Tool Kit 
12: Thief's License 
13: Incense 
14: Beard 
15: Chainmail Armor 
16: Magic Rope 
17: Gold Coin 
18: Healing Pill 
19: Mana Pill 
20: Vigor Pill 
21: Dispel Potion 
22: Map 
23: Compass 
24: Fine Sword 
25: Bellows 
24: Flowers 
27: Saphire Pin 
28: Griffin Feather 
29: Scorpion Tail 
30: Ghoul Claw 
31: SoulForge 
32: Pot of Dirt 
33: Brass Lamp 
34: Basket 
35: Empty Pot 
36: Fruit of Compassion 
37: Waterskin 
38: Cloth Sack 
39: Powder of Burning 
40: EOF Badge 
41: Raseirian Visa 
42: Oil 
43: Water Elemental 
44: Djinn Ring 
45: Silk Scarf 
46: Mirror 
47: Black Beard 
48: Poison Cure Pill 
49: Change of Clothes 
50: Saurus 
51: Bag of Sand 
52: Earth Elemental 
53: Silver Tea Service 
54: X-Ray Glasses 
55: Leather Purse 
56: Silver Dagger 
57: Emerald Bowl 
58: Rusty Nail 

Enable cheat mode and press [Alt] + T. Enter one of the following 
numbers from to select the corresponding location. 

100: Katta Tail Inn 
101: Sleeping Room 
120: Money Changer 
130: Apothecary 
140: Weapon Shop 
150: Arm Wrestling 
160: Guild Hall 
170: Fighting Uhura 
180: Aziza 
190: Talking with Aziza 
199: Aziza's Door 
200: Astrologer 
210: WIT 
220: Path to WIT 
240: Front of Palace 
250: Magic Shop 
260: Thief Break-In House 
270: EOF Room 
290: Saurus Stables 
300: Gate Plaza 
310: North Fountain Plaza 
320: West Fighter Plaza 
330: East Fighter Plaza 
340: Fire Elemental Death 
360: Blue Parrot Inn 
370: Talking with Signor Ferrari 
380: Gates Plaza 
390: North Fountain Plaza 
400: Rasier Palce Plaza 
410: Khaveen's House 
420: Ad Avis in Streets 
430: Zayisha Room 
440: Rasier Jail 
450: South Fountain Plaza 
460: Outside Palacev 470: Balcony in Palace with Khaveen 
480: Harem 
490: Ad Avis (Harem Balcony) 
500: Ad Avis (In Room) 
530: Eunuch Room 
550: Outside 
560: Fire Room 
570: Water Room 
580: Bottom Air Room 
600: Treasure Room 
610: Iblis Chamber 
620: Dervish 
630: Caged Beast 
640: Julanar 
650: Griffin 
750: Intro 1 
770: Intro 2 
780: Outside Shapier 
790: Death by Iblis 
800: Character Selection 
810: Character Sheet 
820: Ceremonies 
840: End Game 
850: Credits 
860: Caravan 
880: Outside Rasier 

Unlimited Dinars:
Type "sell beard" at the magic shop to receive ten Dinars. This may be repeated as needed.

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