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  Hints and Tips for: Raiden Legacy 
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 Raiden Legacy Cheats

Raiden Legacy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

When you die, you drop a series of power-ups - be fast and you can collect these
when your ship respawns. Reserve your smart bombs for moments of dire need - 
they're ideal for getting out of impossible situations.

Raiden Fighters Cheats:
-=Play as Judge Spear=-
At the ship selection screen, move over to the Chaser. Press and hold down, which 
should bring you to the question mark. While still holding down, press either the 
shoot button or the bomb button. Doing this should allow you to play as the Judge 

-=Play as Raiden MKII=-
At the ship selection screen, push down from either the Aegis or the Beast Arrow (do 
not move to the Chaser) . Then move to the Endeavor. From there, press and hold right
which should bring you to the question mark. While still holding right, press either 
the shoot or bomb button, and the Raiden MKII should be selected.

-=Slave Ship=-
Select any ship, if the ship is on top, hold up and if the ship is on the bottom, 
hold down. Then press start + fire button + bomb button at the same time to unlock
the Slave ship. The ship's speed depends on what ship you're using. 

Raiden Fighters 2 Cheats:
At the fighter select screen do the following:

Effect              Code
Aegis II-c        - Hold Fire, Press Start, Move to Aegis IV, Hold Up, Press Fire.
Blue Javelin      - Hold Fire, Press Start, Move to Random, Hold Down, Press Fire.
Dark Sword        - Hold Fire, Press Start, Move to Random, Press Fire.
Fairy             - Hold Fire and Bomb, Press Start, Move to Random, Hold Down-Right, 
                    Press Fire.
Judge Spear       - Press Start, Move to Random, Hold Down, Press Start.
Miclus            - Hold Fire, Press Start, Move to Random, Hold Down-Right, Press Fire.
Raiden mk-II      - Press Start, Move to Random, Hold Right, Press Start.
Raiden mk-II Beta - Hold Fire, Press Start, Move to Random, Hold Right, Press Fire.
Slave             - Hold Fire and Bomb, Press Start, Move to any plane/Random, Press 
                    Fire and Bomb.

-=Unlock All The Ships=-
To unlock all the ships, go to the machine's Test Menu. Enter "Game Settings", change 
everything to 9 on "Shooter1 Coin/Credits" and "Shooter2 Coin/Credits". Also turn On 
"Free Play". Now exit that menu and go to "I/O Test". Hold the Test and Service button 
and repeatedly press the 2nd player's Start button. If done right, you should see the 
"Days of Operation" counter increasing. Set it to over 140. Exit that menu and reset 
the "Shooter1 Coin/Credits", "Shooter2 Coin/Credits" and "Free Play" if you wish. You 
can now exit the Test Menu altogether and reboot the machine. If done right, all the 
ships will be selectable.

Raiden Fighters Jet Cheats:
-=Secret Ending Scene=-
Beat the game twice to see the secret scene.

-=Access The Slave or Fairy=-
Hold ''Bomb'' button before inserting coins. Keep pressing ''Bomb'' button until after 
you finish typing your initials. At the "Fighter Selection Screen," press the ''Fire'' 
button while still holding the ''Bomb'' button to select the Slave. It doesn't matter 
which plane you highlight. 
*Note : If you highlight the 'flying blue pig', you'll get the Fairy instead.

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