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  Hints and Tips for: Railroad Tycoon 
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 Railroad Tycoon Cheats

Railroad Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

During play, press TAB and enter the following:

Code                 Effect
Casey Jones        - Cause all competitors trains to crash.
Overtime           - Stations doble the output of cargo.
Cattle Futures     - Gives player 1 million.
Let me in          - All Denied Territories.
AMD103             - All Engines become AMD103s.
output             - Doubles industrial centre.
Speed Racer        - Doubles Maximum Train Speed.
Show me the trains - Give All Engines.
Slush fund         - Give Character $1 Million.
Powerball          - Give Character $100 Million.
King of the hill   - Give Character $100,000.
Viagra             - Increase City Size.
BoBo               - Lose Scenario,
BogfootBronze      - Win with Bronze Victory.
BigfootGold        - Win with Gold Victory.
BigfootSilver      - Win with Silver Victory.

3000000 dollars:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Type [SHIFT]+[$]+[F1]

Go to the Regional Display and press Shift+4. It gives you $500,000.
Don't use it after you reach $30,000,000 or you will start LOSING 

Extra Income:
Begin the game and click on the icon to make a tunnel, then you hold
the SHIFT button pressed while you click in on the wall with water. 
After that you will see the following phase one time: estymated income! 
Note: This will only work one time.

Instant 32 million:
In the beginning of the game, build industries and lots of them. Keep
building them until you go into debt. Once your debt hits around -32M
it'll suddenly flip and you'll have about 32 M in cash. Your net worth
will then be 32 M in cash and 32 M in industries.

Force the computer-controlled players to go bankrupt early:
Whenever a computer-controlled player begins the game, immediately look
for the player's starting location on the map. Since computers always 
begin by placing a single railroad station near their company's head
quarters, purchase the land on both sides of the station as soon as you
can by placing a railroad track on both sides of the station so that the
computer can't connect tracks from it. If you do this before the computer
starts placing its own tracks from its first station, the computer will 
do nothing and eventually go bankrupt. 
If the computer has already started placing tracks from its first station,
you can force the computer to resell already placed track by interrupting 
the computer's placement with your own railroad tracks; the computer may 
try to build over your tracks with ramps or bridges (costing it more money),
so you must interrupt it as much as necessary. At some point the computer 
will resell its tracks all the way back to its station at which point you 
may block the railroad station.
Doing this will give you more time in the long run to establish a monopoly
over your current map. The cost of railroad tracks that you used to block 
your opponents with is insignificant to the potential amount of money you
can take in without competition.

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