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  Hints and Tips for: RapeLay 
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 RapeLay Cheats


Different Faces--Status of Fertility:
On the hentai replay (rapelay) screen, the women will represented on 
their information menus as a close up of their face. This gives the 
following valuable information:

Eyes open: normal state. Can have sex with her without any complications
Blushed face: having her period. She is becoming fertile. This is soon 
to be followed by the next state.. Eyes closed: most fertile period, 
otherwise known as the danger period. Having sex with her now will most
likely lead to pregnancy Close up of midsection, flat stomach: pregnant,
soon to be followed by the next state.
Close up of midsection, big belly: pregnant and expecting. This will lead
to the subway ending after a few more story "days"
What little strategy in Rapelay comes from knowing when to have vaginal 
intercourse with a woman and when not to.

Finishing the story mode opens the CG and HCG stills that can be accessed
from the "Extras" tab on the main menu.
Breaking two girls will open up another mode of play, "3P", where you can
have sex with both of them. 
Breaking all three girls will open up the "4P" mode where you can have sex
with all of them at the same time. This also opens up the "Edit" mode on 
the main menu where you can create a movie by selecting specific story 
actions to take place; this allows the player to freely control the camera
and do whatever else that seems natural.

You may have to go through one more pass of "2P" even though all of your 
boxes are lit up.

Rapelay is a game with two definite endings. If by chance you happen to get
a girl pregnant and either allowed the baby to come to term or the game did
not allow you this choice the anti-hero accepts this outcome by throwing 
himself in front of a subway train. 

The other ending apparently has the main character Aoi rising up against the
anti-hero and stabbing him to death. Other than that this game has the same 
"rapelay" over and over again.

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