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  Hints and Tips for: Raven's Cry 
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 Raven's Cry Cheats

Raven's Cry

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

You can call the console by "~" key and input all commsnds there. Most of the game 
commands require cheat code activation, to do that use one of the followig commands
(in console):

Cheat commands:
God X            - be a God when X set to 1 and return to mortal world when it's 0;
ec.dbg levelupX  - up character level to X value 
                   (no space at the end, i.e. ec.dbg levelup10 ups level to 10 points) ;
AddSkillPoints X - adds X amount of skill points;
Addgold X        - adds X amount of gold and become rich and famous;
health           - heal yourself
ai.killall       - make mass murder;
kill             - kill the target;
ec.ResurrectUnit - tried command from above or accidentally killed a wrong person in 
                   blood rush? Not a problem! Go close to lifeless body, set target 
                   to it and use this command.
game.crash       - never try it ! I warn you.

hero.AddReputation X Y - adds reputation for selected fraction. 

-=Where X is a fraction number=-
Player 0
Neutral 1
England 2
Spain 3
Netherlands 4
France 5
Pirates 6
Moneylenders 7
Defaultenemy 8
Ally 9
Avery 10
Kensington 11
Santorio 12
Bixby 15
StLucia 500
SantorioDocking 501
FinalBackGroundAlly 20
FinalBackGroundEnemy 21
And Y is a count of points to add.
hero.AddReputation 2 100 - adds 100 points to England.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game 
hub that corresponds to [Raven's Cry]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, 
then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Achievement            How to unlock
A dingy dinghy       - Acquire a small galeon.
A lasting impression - Sink a ship by ramming it.
Alea iacta est       - Win a game of dice.
Bandit               - Sink 25 frigates.
Best served cold     - Finish the game.
Bird of prey         - Get Special Upgrade.
Bloodthirsty         - Kill 50 enemies on land.
Blow me!             - Blow yourself up.
Call me Croesus      - Collect 500 000 reales.
Did I do that?       - Destroy a ship during boarding.
Did you miss me?     - Waste 2 500 grape shots.
Driftwood            - Release a ship after boarding.
Fear the Reaper!     - Kill 20 enemies using Fear skill.
Marauder             - Sink 25 small galeons.
Marksman             - Shoot 20 enemies.
Maverick             - Sink 20 galeons.
Merciful             - Kill Marcus.
My first raft        - Acquire a schooner.
Port rat             - Advance to level 10.
Privateer            - Sink 50 schooners.
Quite a ketch        - Acquire a warship.
Resistance is Futile - Successfully board 20 ships.
Royal gift           - Get reward from English Ally.
Sea legs             - Advance to level 20.
Sins and miracles    - Finish third chapter.
The last Unicorn     - Find Unicorn Horn (Narwhals Horn).
The leaking bucket   - Acquire a frigate.
Viva Espana!         - Get Ally reputation with Spain.
Vive la France!      - Get Ally reputation with France.
Wind catcher         - Get Special Upgrade.
Winged thief         - Use your Raven to steal something 30 times.

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