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 Rayman 2 - The Great Escape Cheats

Rayman 2 - The Great Escape

Cheat Codes:
Press [Esc] to get into the menu and type in

Code         Result 
GOTHERE     - All level accessable
GLOWFIST    - More fire power
GIMMELIFE   - Plus 5 lives
GIMMELUMZ   - Plus 5 lumz
GLoboXRULES - All powers  

Secret lumz Nş1000:
Submitted by: Mega-Fred

Search on the level called "Tomb of the Ancients". After you activated
the 3 platforms, go on!!!!, continue the level, but when you need to 
enter on the hole to continue the level, don't do it, turn 180ş and 
look the pit (isn't a landscape but...), jump and do the helicopter to
the left, you wil find a passage. There you will find a big skull 
(BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!), go on and kill the henchmens, after that you need to
reach the skull and search on his eyes, there will be it.
This only do a 100% on your rank... there's no a secret power, or 
anything, I personally thinked a secret level but...

* In order to get the most out of this title, buy a gamepad that allows
  you to map its keys. 

* You can tell a lot from the sound in this game. For instance, you'll
  be able to hear the caged Lums cry out for help, and the music will 
  often tell you when a particularly nasty enemy is about to pop up. 

* If you see a powder keg, you will need to use it. 

Glitch: Echoing Caves:
After getting all the lumz and cages in the echoing caves, the game will
state that have lumz and no cages until you go to another stage and 

Submitted by: BigBozoBoozeDude

Don't worry about drowning in Whale Bay. Instead, you will automatically
beat the level!

Unlimited health:
At the beginning of the game, go through the level until you reach the final
cage. Do not shoot at it. Instead, jump into the big black hole repeatedly 
until it says "Try Again!". You will now have unlimited health through the 
est of the game.

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