Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear 
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 Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear Cheats

Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by
Update by: Will V -

Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] during game play to display the communication 
window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                  Code
Map draw AI normal colors             - normalcolors  
Map draw AI panicked colors           - panickedcolors  
Map draw AI ROE colors                - roestatecolors  
Map draw AI ROE speed colors          - roespeedcolors  
Map draw AI combat state colors       - combatstatecolors  
Map draw AI behavior colors           - behaviorcolors  
Map draw AI psycological state colors - psychstatecolors  
Map draw AI threat awareness colors   - threatawarenesscolors  
Map draw AI aware colors              - awarenessstatecolors  
Map draw AI alertness colors          - alertnessstatecolors  
Map draw AI plan colors               - aiplancolors  
Map draw level maps                   - levelmaps  
Map draw test plan                    - testplan  
Map draw plan                         - drawplan  
Map draw path point links             - pathpointlinks  
Map draw cover points                 - coverpoints  
Map draw path points                  - pathpoints  
Map draw object walls                 - objectwalls  
Map draw obstacle walls               - obstaclewalls  
Team invisible mode                   - teamshadow  
Invisible mode                        - theshadowknows  
Debug keys activated                  - debugkeys  
Fart mode                             - silentbutdeadly or 
Monocle mode                          - monocle  
2D players                            - turnpunchkick  
Heavy breathing                       - 1-900  
Clodhopper mode                       - clodhopper  
Mega head mode                        - meganoggin  
Big head mode                         - bignoggin  
Refill inventory                      - 5fingerdiscount  
Victory conditions                    - explore  
Disable AI                            - nobrainer  
Stumpy mode                           - stumpy  
Team god mode                         - teamgod  
Avatar god mode                       - avatargod  
Wounding shots kill                   - wounddeath

Submitted by blizz240

Here is a tip with ammo. When your on your last bullet on your primary or
secondary weapon, reload,and you'll get full ammo without wasting a clip.


Flashbang grenade:
Throw a flashbang grenade into a room before you enter. The stunning effect
may give you time to get the drop on the room's occupants. 

Critical skills:
When planning a mission, make sure you duplicate critical skills within your
assault team. For example, if you know you'll need an electronics expert, 
take two so you'll have a spare if one gets killed. 

Equip All:
Don't forget to properly equip your team members. It's easy to hit the
"Equip All" button once you have a good general- purpose kit. Unfortunately,
this won't put a sniper rifle in your sniper's hands or a breaching ring 
where you need it. 

Use any break:
Use any break in the action to change magazines. There is never a good time
to run out of bullets. 

Double Your MEN!:
Press enter on your keyboard. Then go to an area with terrorists. Then type 
"gunsalldownmen" and all the terrorists in sight will turn into your men. 
This Cheat/ Hint submitted by Killing_Bart.

DEMO Version Cheats:
Invulnerable Team
Press ";" Then type in teamgod
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart 
Ammo Refill
Press ";" Then type: 5fingerdiscount
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart 

Explore Mode:
Press ";" Then type in: explore
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart 

Selected Played Invincible:
Press ";" Then type: playergod

Ammo Saver:
Here is a tip with ammo. When your on your last bullet on your primary or
secondary weapon, reload,and you'll get full ammo without wasting a clip.

Suprise Entry into a room:
Throw a flashbang grenade into a room before you enter. The stunning effect
may give you time to get the drop on the room's occupants.

Docks level: Sniper spot:
The following trick works especially well in multi-player mode. Equip yourself
with a nice sniper gun (for example, Dragonuv, PSG, Walther 2000, etc.) If in 
multi-player mode, put your team in the "Chop Shop". There should be two or 
three doors. Go through the one that is well-lit and is glowing a yellowish 
color. When you walk out, you will see three trailers to your left. There 
should be a fence directly ahead of you with an opening on the right side.
When you walk up to it, you will notice it is the end of the map and you 
cannot go through it. However, keep clicking forward and keep hitting run
off and on again, to eventually get through. Go back as far as you can and
take your sniper gun. You can now see almost the entire stage by strafing 
left and right, but enemies cannot see you. It is a good idea to have someone
on your team acting as your cover. Have them be the bait and cover you until 
you get in.

Operation Perfect Sword:
Enable the "Explore mode" code. When the driver is in the tanker truck, walk
to the very front (or this trick will not work). Walk up to the front and 
shoot out the driver's window. This will take more than one shot. Shoot the
driver from the front and watch what happens. You can then throw a frag under
the truck or just shoot out the tires.

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