RollerCoaster Tycoon - Corkscrew Follies Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: RollerCoaster Tycoon - Corkscrew Follies 
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 RollerCoaster Tycoon - Corkscrew Follies Cheats

RollerCoaster Tycoon - Corkscrew Follies

You know Damon hill and Michael Schumacher cheats?:
Submitted by Daniel Astley

Well type Mr Bean in and the person will drive extra slow on the Go-Karts!

shaun, Submitted the following Information:

You can enter the forest frontiers park then set your research into high gear and
get alot of different roller coasters then you can build a track, test it, and if
it's good save it. Then you can demolish your track and get all the money back to
build another. Now you will have prfab coasters that you know are good!

Let guests in, keep guests in 
On RCT select a banner sign and put it just in front of the park exit. Make sure 
this sign is facing the correct direction or guests can't get in the park. Now 
click the red button with a line on it, this will make it so guests cant get out
of the park but guests can get in. 

Artist Guest 
Change a guest's name to Simon Foster. That person does paintings. 

Happy Guest 
Change a guest's name to Melanie Warn. That person will be very happy. 

Hungry Guest
Change a guest's name to Tony Day. That person is very and always hungry. 

Impressed Guest
Change a guest's name to John Wardley. That person will think WOW when seeing a ride.

Overpaying guest 
Change a guest's name to John Mace. That person will pay double for rides they go on.

Photographer guest
Change a guest's name to Chris Sawyer. That person walks around taking photos. 

Raise Park Rating 
Change a guest's name to John Bibrough:That person will enable each time "L" is pressed,
the park rating goes up. 

Speedy Guest 1 
Change a guest's name to Damon Hill:That person will drive very fast on go-karts. 

Speedy Guest 2
Change a guest's name to Micheal Schumacher:That person will also drive very fast on 

Waving Guest 
Change a guest's name to Katie Brayshaw, That person will wave to everyone.

Freak out the guests: 
Click on any guest and open his/her window. Keep the window open for a while and the 
guest will think "I have the strangest feeling someone is watching me." 

Free money: 
If you shut down your park for a year, you will get $10,000. 

Poping Balloons:
To make a balloon pop, click on it. This ONLY happens when a guest has let go of his 

Quacking Duck: 
To make a duck quack click on it. 

Ride tips: 
Submitted by Nightraider

* Click pause then reset a ride, the rides will be back at the station and there will
  still be a queue line (if you have one). 

* If a rollercoaster crashes, click the off (red) botton several times, and you will 
  get your coaster(s) back! 

* Once you have built a coaster, and the intensity is over 10, you know that no-one 
  is gonna ride it. If you switch the ride off (red button) and change the number of
  trains, and then change the number of trains back, the game will think you have 
  changed the whole coaster, thus the coaster is untested. Kids will ride a coaster if
  it hasn't been tested no matter the intensity. So they'll ride the coaster and give 
  you CA$H! But remember it's only untested the first time, but you could do it again 
  and again if you have the time.

Keep guests from exiting:
Use the following trick to keep guests trapped without using space. Pick a guest that
you want trapped in the park. When the window appears for what to do with them, pick 
them up. Instead of dropping them, just close the window to have them trapped forever
without ever seeing them. This also stops them from getting happier/unhappy, hungry, 
thirsty, needing to use the washroom, or tiring out. This is best used when the person
you have selected is very happy. If you are nervous about a goal requiring a certain 
number of people, you can use this to grab as many as needed. 
Alternately, you can empty a park while keeping ratings and number of people.

More money from guest:
Pause game play when there is a person on the road to your park. Check how much money 
that person has. Make the admission to your park $10.00 less than that amount. Rename 
the guest "Melanie Warn" to make him very happy. Resume the game and the guest will 
pay the admission most of the time.

Killing guests:
Build a large path over a body of water. Put a "No Entry" sign at the entrance so 
people can enter but cannot exit. When you are satisfied with the amount of people
in your watertop enclosure, promptly delete the path and the death count will rise
while your park rating falls.

Avoid ride crash:
* When you know a coaster is going to crash, pause game play, press the "Close Attraction"
  button to remove the trains from the track, then reopen the game. Resume the game and 
  they will be saved from a horrible death. Also, you will get some entrance money from
  the new people entering the ride.

* Pause game play, pick up a mechanic, and drop him by the ride exit. Assign him to 
  that ride and there will be a 50% chance that he will fix the ride.

Hidden initials:
In the Haunted Harbor level, choose the "Buy Land" option. You will notice you have 
a lot of land to buy around the park, however go up to the very top right hand corner
of the screen. You will find that you have a few small patches of land you can buy. 
Buy them and turn the camera angle the correct angle and you will notice that the 
land you have bought spells out "C S", which are the initials of Chris Sawyer, the
man who originated Roller Coaster Tycoon. 

Drowning in mid-air:
Build a section or two of water, pick up a person, and drop him in the water. He will 
begin to drown. Lower the water back to land, and will see a half person drowning in 
mid-air that still is asking for help.

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