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  Hints and Tips for: Receiver 2 
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 Receiver 2 Cheats

Receiver 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Halzoid98.

This guide contains all cheat codes currently known...

Receiver 2 contains cheat codes all carry over from the previous game 
along with some new ones.

All cheats can be inputted by simply typing during gameplay, 
no console required!

-=Receiver 1 Cheats (Carried Over)=-

IDDQD - God mode.
IDKFA - Gives full ammo (careful to spell it right... K is now an instakill key).
SLOMO - Ultra slow motion.

-=Receiver 2 Cheats=-
INSIGHT  - Force Rank up.
RECEIVER - +1 Tape.
NOCLIP   - No Clip...

-=The Debug Menu=-
Contains massive spoilers!!!

Use Ctrl + F12 on the pause menu to activate.

Opening the debug menu gives access to more cheats and options. as well as 
this it includes some features that aren't even included in the game. 
Bear in mind it is buggy and very likely to cause issues.

It is not a supported feature!

It was used by the developers to use during testing. If you get bugs or crashes 
during it's use, it's technically user error, not the games fault.

That aside here are a few features (and spoilers):

* Becoming invisible to enemies.
* Removing all enemies.
* Piloting drone enemies.
* Spawning enemies.
* Loading levels/force loading cells (some spoilers in level names and level files.

The debug menu also contains some enemies that aren't in the game, such as alluding 
to "game ending bosses", like the GUNSHIP or Sniper (the sniper semi works).

There are also some enemies that aren't in the spawner list but are mentioned in 
the cell edits those being trip mines, power leech and bomb bots (bomb bots have 
a WIP model but don't function in-game).

As well as this there are cut levels, notably a receiver compound, shooting range 
and a test level that contains bomb bot. plus a level that contains a Receiver 
1 style ending.

How to Defeat the Stalker Entity (a.k.a. SneakBot):
Written by TwilightAngel497

The Stalker Entity is a special Killdrone that was cut from the original release 
of Receiver 2 and has been revived in the surprise 2.0.10 update for Halloween 
in 2020. This lightweight guide will provide some additional intel on this murderous 
metallic menace.

-=What is the Stalker Entity?=-
The Stalker Entity is a unique Killdrone that attacks and kills Receivers at close 

range. Its chassis resembles the body of a wasp. It stands and balances on the very 
pointed tip of its abdomen and four pointed legs connected to its thorax via powerful 
actuators that can fatally jab the legs through a human body. Its cylindrical, narrow 
head has a flat, overhanging rectangular section at the very top and has multiple 
glowing, irregularly-sized eyes scattered across its face in an asymmetric pattern. 
Receivers who suffer from trypophobia and enetophobia must practice resilience and 
courage in order to have a fighting chance to defeat this murderous metallic menace.

-=How Does It Attack?=-
Unlike Shock Drones which fly and chase Receivers in plain sight, the Stalker Entity 
pursues Receivers in a furtive manner. Compared to turrets, drones, and cameras, 
the Stalker Entity manifests more slowly, flickering into existence as it follows 
its target from a distance. While it is not fully formed, it is unable to attack 
but it is untouchable and impervious to counter attacks. When the Stalker Entity 
is close to fully manifesting, it will ensnare its target with an unknown force and 
prepare to strike its target, then close in at blinding speed before delivering 
four fatal stabs with its pointed legs.

-=How Can I Defeat It?=-
When you are being targeted and pursued by the Stalker Entity, you may notice that 
lights in the post-Mindkill environment will begin to flicker and dim slightly as 
it begins to manifest and you may hear a brief cacophony from its metallic 
components as it positions itself at a safe distance.

At this point, find a peaceful, wide-open space with few hiding places or 
obstructions. This allows you to scan your surroundings and positively identify 
the Stalker Entity more easily and quickly. When you see the Stalker Entity, it 
will be facing directly at you. If you shine a flashlight at the Stalker Entity,
 the beam of light from the flashlight will flicker.

If its eyes are yellow, it is still partially manifested, making it impervious 
to gunfire or hacking but unable to harm you. If you attempt tp shoot at the 
Stalker Entity at this stage, it will briefly retreat, giving you time to move to 
a safer location or clear an area of other Killdrones before dealing with the 
Stalker Entity.

Every three seconds or so, the Stalker Entity will flicker out of existence and 
reappear in a different nearby location as it continues to manifest. Re-acquire 
the target and face the Stalker Entity directly. If you no longer hear the Stalker 
Entity moving after roughly ten seconds, you may need to shift your position to 
bait it out.

When the Stalker Entity is close to fully manifesting, it will pose for an attack 
while its eyes change from yellow to red. At this point, do not look away; it 
will teleport directly in front of you. When it is within striking distance, you 
will only have a split-second opportunity to shoot it or hack it before it 
skewers you to death, and you will also not be able to flee or dodge its attack 
by jumping or crouching.

Despite its tall, menacing size and appearance, the Stalker Entity is actually 
very fragile, perhaps unstable. A single shot anywhere to the chassis will reduce 
the Stalker Entity to shrapnel in a spectacular electric-blue blast. Hacking 
the Stalker Entity will interrupt its attack sequence and successfully completing 
the hack will shut it down completely, rewarding you with an impressive robotic

Streamlined Controls/Tweaks:
Written by Suchsneak

Easy to reach key placements that should be more intuitive than default setup. 
I also wanted revolvers and pistols to have similar key locations even though 
some of their functions are a bit different.

-=The Purpose of Rebinding The Controls / Who This Would Appeal to=-
Firstly I wanted to change the locations of certain keys to reduce cramping my hands and 
keeping important keys in easy to reach places. Secondly I wanted to have key placements 
make sense, to mirror and close the gap between revolvers and pistols in terms of opening
and closing, ejecting and inserting bullets. This control setup is for players who struggle
with the default controls and want an easier time learning how to play or veterans who want
to try something new and donít mind relearning the some muscle memory. If your comfortable 
and like your current control setup this may not be for you.

This control scheme should work for holding or toggle crouch/sprint.

-=What I Changed=-
Aim Toggle | N/A | Get rid of it or put on right click.
Crouch | C | Left Control | Just an extra option if you like to hold it like me.
Holster/equip gun | Tab | Got rid of ~ to prevent unwanted shooting of foot when reaching for a mag.
C o c k hammer | Left Alt | Very accessible for revolvers.
The rest of the changes are meant to close the gap between revolver and pistol functions.

Swing out cylinder | Q |
Close cylinder | F |
Use extraction rod | R |
Insert bullets | E |
Toggle safety/full auto mode | X |
Slide lock | F |
Pull back slide | R |
Eject/drop magazine | Q |
Inset magazine/bullets | E |
And thatís it! Give it a try, hope it helps some of you!

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