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  Hints and Tips for: Resident Evil 2 
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 Resident Evil 2 Cheats

Resident Evil 2

Special Missions:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

You can play special Missions, including Tofu's adventure by accessing Windows 9x's
registry editor. At first you have to make a backup from your REGISTRY! In this part:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CAPCOM\RESIDENT EVIL2] you have to make a 
change: value 8. so it now reads


It will release all of the extended players : Tofu,Hunk,EX battle . 

Alternate Outfits: 
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Reach the police station without collecting any items. In the passage under the main
door to the station will be a zobmied Brad Vickers (the helicopter pilot from the 
first game). Kill him and steal the "Special Key" from his body. This allows you to 
unlock the locker in the dark room under the stairs. Leon will have two new outfits,
and Claire has one outfit and a new weapon. Note: If this is done in game 1, Brad 
will appear there again in game 2.

Hard Mode:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Beat the game to unlock a more difficult level of game play under arrange and original 

Hidden Film: 
Submitted by: Dj Simo

There is film that can be developed in the dark room in the S.T.A.R.S. office, on 
the desk on the extreme left as you walk inside. To find it, simply search the desk
approximately fifty times. Develop it to see a photo of Rebecca Chambers from the 
first Resident Evil game.

Hunk Scenario and Extreme Battle Mode:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Beat the game under the hard difficulty level with the best rank for Claire's A 
and B scenarios and Leon's A and B scenarios. Hunk is a soldier that must reach 
the second floor of the police station from the sewer with just battles and no 
puzzles. Extreme Battle mode unlocks Chris Redfield and Ada Wong as characters.

To unlock all gallery in game:
Submitted by: Adel Ahmadyan

Select run from start menu.then type Regedit. 
select Lochal machine/software/capcom/resident evil2
find Gallery 1-2-3-4-5 and set Data of them to FFFFFFFF in Hexadecimal mode (or 
4294967295 in decimal mode) and quit and run Resident evil spical and 
then select Gallery and see all picture,movie 3D model and Rough sketch.

Submitted by: Mohamad Kazem

In run (start menu)type regedit, then look for lochal machine, and then in lochal 
machine klick softwares and find Capcom.Duble click on capcom. there you can see 
some words on the left and valuse on the right. come down till rich to (Special) 
in the left. Now duble click it and type the Value 8. Now go to the game and in 
options you can see special levels with special charchters to play.

Submitted by: Mugunthan

To get infinity ammo for all weapons press up,up,down,down,left ,right,left right
and aim in the infantry box if it works thw weapons ammo will show zero

Submitted by: Mohsen shahmohamadi
1. You must save the game

2. Use a hex editor

3. In line 000005C0 enter this code follow the model:
   000005C0    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00      05 FF 00 00 07 FF 00 00

4. You can all codes enter in this line and after lines

  CATION: There weapons and tools in the Bin
01 FF:        knife             02 FF:     colt 22 
03 FF:        colt 38           04 FF:     colt 45
05 FF:        Magnum            06 FF:     Super magnum
07 FF:        shutgun           08 FF:     Super shutgun
09 FF:        explosive gun     0A FF:     flame gun
0B FF:        acid gun          0C FF:     Muzzle
0D FF:        colt              0E FF:     weapon
0F FF:        yuzzi             10 FF:     flame trower
11 FF:        RPG               12 FF:     calting gun 
13 FF:        Berta             14 FF:     colt round
15 FF:        shutgun round     16 FF:     round
17 FF:        flame round       18 FF:     round
19 FF:        benzin            1A FF:     acid
1B FF:        magnum bulets     1C FF:     shutgun bulets
1D FF:        weapon            1E FF:     ink                       
1F FF:        small key         20 FF:     hand gun  
21 FF:        magnum part       22 FF:     shut gun part
23 FF:        First Aid         24 FF:     anti virus bomb
25 FF:        AC-W24            26 FF:     green herb 
27 FF:        red herb          28 FF:     blue herb
29 FF:        mixed             2A FF:     mixed    
2B FF:        mixed             2C FF:     mixed    
2D FF:        mixed             2E FF:     mixed    
2F FF:        lighter           30 FF:     lockpick 
31 FF:        picture           32 FF:     valve handle
33 FF:        red jewel         34 FF:     red card key
35 FF:        blue card key     36 FF:     serpent stone
37 FF:        jaguar stone      38 FF:     blue stone
39 FF:        blue stone 2      3A FF:     Eagle stone
3B FF:        bishop            3C FF:     rook     
3D FF:        knight            3E FF:     king     
3F FF: key         40 FF:     detonator
41 FF:        plastic bomb      42 FF:     bomb & detonator
43 FF:        Grank             44 FF:     film    
45 FF:        film              46 FF:     film    
47 FF:        unicorn medal     48 FF:     Eagle medal
49 FF:        wolf medal        4A FF:     cogwheel  
4B FF:        manhole opener    4C FF:     main fuse
4D FF:        fuse case         4E FF:     vaccine  
4F FF:        vaccine cart      50 FF:     film     
51 FF:        base vaccine      52 FF:     G.virus 
53 FF:        speacial key      54 FF:     joints plug
55 FF:        joints plug       56 FF:     cord     
57 FF:        picture           58 FF:     cabin key
59 FF         percent key       5A FF:     percent key
5B FF:        percent key       5C FF:     percent key
5D FF:        C panel key RED   5E FF:     C panel key
5F FF:        P Room Key        60 FF:     Mo Disk   
61 FF:        lab card key      62 FF:     master key
63 FF:        plat form key                            

Play as Ada or Chris Redfield:
Finish both scenarios with rank A. You will receive a powerful weapon, the 'Hunk' 
Mission, and another one called 'Ex-Battle' that wasn't available on the PSX version.
In 'Ex-Battle' Mission, you can play as Leon, Claire, Ada, and a bonus character 
from the first Resident Evil--Chris Redfield. Each character will have his or her 
own arsenal. The Mission is to find 4 anti-BOW bombs in the Police station. The 
characters will start from the lab and must backtrack to the station to find it.
There also a time record for the fastest player. Alternatively, you can play these 
special Missions, including 'Tofu' by accessing Windows 9x's registry editor. 
and enter the value '8'.

Unlimited ammo cheat:
Once you have a weapon, go to the inventory screen and press Up, Up, Down, Down, 
Left, Right, Left, Right and Aim.

Hex Cheat - Having a side pack soon:
Submitted by: Nguyen Thanh Tung

You only have 4 cells to store your equipments, you need more spaces, but u haven't 
reached to the room where a side pack is stored? You can have a side pack with more 
2 cells to store your equipments by following this steps:
+Save your game
+Create a back-up of your saved file
+Open a hex-editor, then open your saved files, and then find the following code : 08-15
+Replace it by : 30-OD

There may be some places that contains the code "08-15", but there is only one place is 
the right one that must be replaced.
Now start the game and open your saved file. Press 'S' to view your status, and you will 
realize that you have more 2 spaces in your pack! That's the spaces of the side pack! 
Have fun!!!

Unlockable Bonus Modes:
Unlock the additional modes indicated below by satisfying the corresponding conditions.

Countdown - Finish all four episodes.
Invisible - Finish all four episodes.
No Escape - Finish all four episodes in Survival mode.

Secret Rebecca's Picture:
Just like some common versions of Resident Evil 2, you can get this secret picture. 
In the Police Station, go to the S.T.A.R.S. office, then check Wesker's desk for 
the note ''It's trashed. Someone must have searched the desk...'' to be shown 50 
times. Then you will get the Film D. Bring it to the Dark Room below the stairs and 
you take "Recruit" picture of Rebecca.

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