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  Hints and Tips for: Resident Evil - Survivor 
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 Resident Evil - Survivor Cheats

Resident Evil - Survivor

Submitted by: conner54

Rocket launcher:
Play a game under the normal difficulty setting using no first aid sprays and 
end with a time less than 1:30:00 with good shooting accuracy to get an S rank.
Save the game at the end. Load the saved game to have a rocket launcher with 
unlimited ammunition. 

Defeating Neo Tyrant:
If Neo Tyrant is far away enough, unload on him with the handgun shoots and 
reloads very fast. Never use any other guns.

Hit average percent = score (for example, 75%=75 points). Time (minutes): 
0-60 = 100 points, with a 1 point deduction for every minute over 60. 
Monsters killed: Killing165+ monsters scores 100 points with a 1 point deduction
for kill scores below total (for example 164 kills is a 99). Continues used: 
0 = 100 points, 1 = 75 points, 2 = 50 points, 3 = 25 points, 4+ = 0 points. 
First aid spray use: 0 = 100points, 1 = 80 points, 2 = 60 points, 3 = 40 points, 
4 = 20 points, 5 = 0 points. 

See Nemesis:
The report on destroyed Racoon City tells parts of the story from each game.
Flip between the last two pages to find see a picture of the Nemesis tyrant 
from Resident Evil 3.

Death scene selection:
Tyrant will kill three different people towards the end of the game, based 
on where you go in the second street area that leads to the hospital, library,
and arcade. Select the arcade to have Tyrant kill the leader of the Umbrella 
Cleaners. Select the library to have Tyrant kill the mole informant. Select 
the hospital to have Tyrant kill the man hanging from the helicopter in the 

Easy kills:
Aim for the neck/head area for a easier kill and to waste less ammunition. 

Fastest sequence:
The fastest way to go is Alley 1, Restaurant, Alley 2, Arcade, Sewer, Prison, 
Roof, Umbrella HQ, Gutter, Rott's house/Cable car, Forest, Mansion/Factory, 

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