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  Hints and Tips for: Re-Volt 
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 Re-Volt Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: mujahid
Update by: akshay sethi
Update by: Neo 
Update by: T "Spinner" Jones
Submitted by: Big Kausik

Go to any sort of gameplay and then when it asks you to type your name in at the big
wheel type one of these codes. You should hear a voice like aah ahha ahh.

Name          Effect 
CARNIVAL    - Vou wil be able to choose any car
TRACKER     - All Tracks European 
SADIST      - All Weapons (cycle through using right shift)
MAGGOT      - Tiny Mode
FLYBOY      - HiFi Mode
GOATY       - Edit Progress Table
CHANGELING  - Change car mid-race (use pgup, pgdwn)
TVTIME      - Enables cameras in game; Press [F5] or [F6] for alternate view.
DRINKME     - Small cars.
URCO        - able to select UFO
JOKER       - change all your opponents cars to your model in multiplayer.
MAKEITGOOD  - enables in-game editors-Press [F6] for no clipping, 
              press [F6] twice for flight mode.

Submitted by: wiepie van der heide

In the "cars" folder go into any folder with a car that you can choose when racing.
Open the "Paremeters.txt" file and change the "TopSpeed" line to anything you want.
Your car will go faster than all the other cars. Other things such as acceleration,
steering rate, wheel size and much more can be changed as well.

Unlock Clock Carnage mode: 
To unlock Clock Carnage Mode, obtain all the stars in the Stunt Arena Mode.

GameTips - Watch out for the AI:
Watch out for the AI, especially if you are in first place. The car in last place 
has a tendency to wait for you and spoil your lead. 

Time Trial modes:
Use the Practice and Time Trial modes to learn the courses. The key in Re-Volt is 
knowing the best driving line for each course. 

rely on your weapons: 
Don't rely on your weapons. You'll soon realize that they can get you only so 
far--fourth maybe? 

The cars:
The cars' abilities vary greatly. Take the time to find one that suits both the
tracks and your particular driving style.

File Edit Cheats:
Make cars perform better; Use Notepad or other text editor to edit the file 
"parameters.txt" in any of the sub-directories in the "cars" directory. Change
the top speed, acceleration, steering rate, wheel size, gravity, and other 
entries as desired. 

Submitted by: Amogh Harde

Copy the follwing in notepad save the file as a reg file (Give it extention .reg)
double click on the file then click on yes -> ok 
Now play the game you will find that everything is now unlock
copy from REGEDIT4 to ,00,00,00







Re-Volt Unlock Clock Carnage mode:
Submitted by: Mandy

To unlock Clock Carnage Mode, obtain all the stars in the Stunt Arena Mode

Re-Volt Unlock All Cars (Alternate):
Submitted by: Mandy

Type in cartoon as your name.

If you want All Cars & All Tracks,then do this:
Submitted by: Rajat

1. Write your name as CARNIVAL.
2. Then press Escape(Esc).
3. Then write your name as TRACKER.

All tracks & cars are ready to use.

Enable Cars:
Submitted by: SuperCheat

First go to yor re volt folder it is in program files. Then go to folder Cars.
Pick a car. When you do that double click on "Parametars.txt". When you do that, 
search for "Obtain" then change the number to "0". Start the game and that car is 

Stuck in wall:
Enable the URCO code, and begin game play on the Toy World 1 level. Go off the big jump
at the end and keep going. You will go through the wall and into a blue spot.
You cannot get out.

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