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  Hints and Tips for: Ring King 
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 Ring King Cheats

Ring King

Submitted by: David K.

You can execute much stronger punches by tapping away from the opponent and then 
quickly forward to 'rush' while executing a punch. The results are determined by 

boxer position and the punch thrown, as shown here: 
Boxers facing each other vertically:
Hook = spinning numerous times dropping to floor
Jab  = launching opponent across the screen into the ropes

Boxers facing each other horizontally:
Uppercut = knocks opponent into the air in an arc
Jab      = launching opponent across the screen into the ropes

If done properly, you can actually uppercut the opponent out of the ring and out of 
the screen to win and gain 5,000 points. It appears you must be in the lower left 
quadrant of the ring, push away and then rush forward and uppercut the opponent.
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