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  Hints and Tips for: Risk Of Rain 
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 Risk Of Rain Cheats

Risk Of Rain

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding artifact. When found, they can 
be turned on at the character selection screen for your next playthrough. 
Note: They do not always appear. 

-=Artifact of Command=-
It may appear in "Hive Cluster", at the top right corner of the map. You must climb 
across the ropes to reach it. 

-=Artifact of Distortion=-
Towards the top right section of "Damp Caverns" is a small box. Break it to spawn the 
artifact at the gate. 

-=Artifact of Enigma=-
There is a passage at the bottom right of "Sunken Tomb" that is reached by falling 
into the hole above it and pushing to the right to land on an invisible jump pad. 

-=Artifact of Glass=-
Up the left wall in "Ancient Valley" is an invisible passage. Find it, then hit 
several timed switches before falling to reach the gate. 

-=Artifact of Honor=-
There is a path in the middle left portion of "Desolate Forest". Jetpacks or the 
Miner/Mercenary are required to make the jumps. 

-=Artifact of Kin=-
Break the wall in the right end of "Dried Lake", then hit the switches in there. 

-=Artifact of Origin=-
Kill the final boss in "UES Contact Light" with all other artifacts active.

-=Artifact of Sacrifice=-
Hit the three switches in "Magma Barracks" and go to the artifact gate.

-=Artifact of Spirit=-
There are platforms sometimes at the bottom right of "Temple of the Elders" when you
jump off the cliff. Follow them to reach the artifact. 

-=Artifact of Spite=-
In the middle left area of "Sky Meadow" is a small part of ground that is cracked. 
Use an explosive to break it, then enter the hole.

Easy "Endless Voyager" achievement:
Keycards only appear during the final level. They are used to open optional rooms to 
collect items and devices used against the final Boss. They can drop from enemies and 
"golden boxes" (not golden chests). Only four of them appear per run. Play through 
the final level, collecting everything, but do not use any keycards. 

Easy "Finders Keepers" achievement:
Play level 4 "Hive Cluster" and find the bloated survivor at the bottom right corner
of the map. 

Easy "Lizard Bait" achievement:
Lemurians are the small purple enemies that appear in the first level. If you did not
earn the achievement through natural progression, start a new game and simply keep 
playing the first level. 

Easy "The Lone Survivor" achievement:
Play under any difficulty setting as any class. Clear out the first level by activating
the teleporter and killing the Boss and all enemies. However, do not use the teleporter
to move on to the next level. Once the teleporter has been activated and the activation
timer has ended, no further enemies will spawn. Allow the game to idle until the timer 
reaches forty minutes. 

Easy "Macho" achievement:
Collect the Golden Bomb item and bank $10,000 in the same level. The bomb will deal half 
the value of your money in damage. 

Easy "Seasoned Wanderer" achievement:
Monster Logs are the book-shaped items that occasionally drop from monsters and bosses 
under the Rainstorm and Monsoon difficulty settings. Collect fifteen of these logs 
across any number of playthroughs will earn the achievement and unlock the Huntress

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