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  Hints and Tips for: Rivals of Aether 
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 Rivals of Aether Cheats

Rivals of Aether

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to get workshop fighters in game:
Written by rideslidefly

-=Getting the Fighters=-
First, go to steam and click workshop. Then search Rivals Of Aether. Click it, 
and subscribe to whatever fighters/stages/buddys you want. You can search them 
up, there is a lot. (I recommend the KOREA stage)

-=Adding them in=-
This part is what people have a bad time with. But all you have to do is Right 
click ROA in Library. Go to properties, Betas. there should be something called: 
“Select the beta you would like to opt into:” 
Go into it and select “workshop branch – Workshop Beta”. 
It should load and you have ROA Workshop Beta!

-=Playing them=-
Go in the game, go to Local, VS mode, then when you select your fighter, click 
the Gear, then you can choose one of the many fighters! After you have all 
chosen your fighters, you can click the + on your fighter square, and that will 
show you the buddys.(CPU’s can’t have buddys.) Now, after you picked your buddy, 
Click ready to fight and you will be greeted with the normal screen for it. 
But if you click the arrows, you can select a custom stage. 
Now get out there and have FUN!

-=The downsides=-
There are not many, but they are stil there. 

Here they are:
* No custom colours for Workshop fighters
* No Abyss or Story mode
* No online (with custom fighters)
* That’s it. So yeah.

Maskless Clairen:
To play as Clairen without her mask on, taunt and parry at the same time at 
any point during a match. Clairen will remove her mask, which will stay off 
until you taunt and parry again. This works for all costumes, including 
premium and custom costumes. The animation of Clairen taking the mask off, or
putting it back on, is also a bit faster than her normal taunt animation.

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