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  Hints and Tips for: Robot Arena 2 - Design And Destroy 
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 Robot Arena 2 - Design And Destroy Cheats

Robot Arena 2 - Design And Destroy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Defeating immobile opponents:
If your opponent is immobile, allow them to get counted out instead of attacking them
and risking damage.

More weapons:
When making a bot, enter "cheatbot2" as a case-sensitive bot name. A flash on the screen
a sound will confirm correct code entry. This will unlock new weapons (although they appear
under "mechanics"), such as the flame-thrower, the cannon, electromagnet and the hover-craft
engine. This cannot be used in multi-player mode.
Note: The latest patch is required for this code.

Computer bots:
Enter the Robot Arena 2 folder. Go to the "ai" folder. Open a team folder and copy
"bot.0", "bot.1", and/or "bot.2" to the "robot design" folder in the Robot Arena 2
folder. Load the game and enter Team HQ. Select or create a team, and choose an 
open slot. Do not enter the workshop. Select "Import Bot" at the bottom of the 
screen, and select an XTRA robot or one of the robots you have copied. 
For example, Team 0 is Red Zone. Copy "bot.1" for the ALARM robot. 
Note: You can only copy one of the "bot.0", "bot.1", and "bot.2" files. If you 
import a robot and export it, it will create the same robot under its name.

More time for repair between rounds: 
After you use up your time while repairing, go back to the menu, back to HQ, and 
then return to the repairing screen. Your time will be reset back to 30 minutes. 
This can be done as many times as needed. Note: This no longer works with versions
greater than v1.00.

Easy CPU defeat in Electric Arena: 
If you are fighting in the Electric Arena and a piece breaks off of your opponent, 
push it or leave it on the "shock floor" in the middle. Your enemy will keep 
getting shocked and take damage even after the robot leaves the grid. Likewise, if
you drop a piece of yourself on the grid push it off so that you stop getting shocked.

Invisible extenders:
Create a bot that has full dimensions(maximum height, width, and length), and have
some extenders in it sticking out of the chassis. Then, go to the decal selection 
in the paint shop. Put a radiation decal in the center on top. Put one in each area
in between two of the bars that stick out from the center. 
Do that again. When you enter an event, the extenders will be invisible. 

Bots fly across level:
When you are facing an enemy with abnormal weapons such as Bear or Bushido, both
bots may fly across the level if they are pushing against each other.

Flying bot:
When designing a robot, put in 20 or more Burst Pistons into it. It will start 
flying around the room in battle. Note: If you do "Test Bot" after doing this, make
sure your you exit the Testing Arena before it dies, or else your game will freeze.

See all hit areas:
Press [F12] while in an arena to see all the hit areas that interact with you robot
or the CPU's robot. Press [F12] to exit this mode.

How to fit more stuff in your bot:
Submitted by: Chris Hartkopf

If you are putting a swinging arm or weapon in your bot, make the extender point strait 
out of the robot. fill the robot with the needed components, fitting as much stuff as 
you can. Then take the arm and adjust it back inside the robot body. 
The arm should swing freely though the components on the inside of the bot.
Hope this was helpful!

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