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  Hints and Tips for: Rocket League 
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 Rocket League Cheats

Rocket League

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
* Go through all the tutorials before you jump into online matches. It doesn't 
  take long to complete them, but they're useful.
* Get used to doing a forward flip, as it gives you a lot of momentum and is a 
  great way to hit a shot at the goal.
* When you're on the side of the goal, work it towards the center so a teammate 
  can take the shot. Getting an assist can often feel as good as scoring a goal.
* Drive over the boost pads often so you can get around the field quicker.
* When going for the kickoff, leave one team member behind to play 
  goalkeepers. Letting the team score on a kickoff can be demoralizing.
* Ball cam is great, but don't rely on it too much. I often turn ball cam off 
  to line up shots, but I'll leave it on when I go from one side of the field 
  to the other.
* The upgrades are purely cosmetic, but you should still tinker around 
  with them. Give your vehicle a little bit of personality.
* The AI in the game is good... almost too good. If you find yourself 
  in an online match with AI opponents, leave and find a new lobby.
* Season mode is a great way to practice before you jump into online 
  matches because of how good the AI is in the game.

Alternate title screen and Moai Antenna:
At the starting screen, before the title screen appears and without skipping 
any previous splash screens, press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] 
[Left] [Right] B A [Enter]. When the title screen appears, the text will 
read "Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars", which was an older 
title from the game's developer.

Level ranks:
Gain the indicated amount of experience to reach the corresponding level.

Level   Experience
2	- 1000
3	- 2000
4	- 3250
5	- 4750
6	- 6500
7	- 9250
8	- 13000
9	- 17750
10	- 23500
11	- 30250
12	- 38750
13	- 49000
14	- 61000
15	- 74750
16	- 90250
17	- 108250
18	- 128750
19	- 151750
20	- 177250
21	- 205250
22	- 236500
23	- 271000
24	- 308750
25	- 349750
26	- 394000
27	- 442250
28	- 494500
29	- 550750
30	- 611000
31	- 675250
32	- 744250
33	- 818000
34	- 896500
35	- 979750
36	- 1067750
37	- 1161250
38	- 1260250
39	- 1364750
40	- 1474750
41	- 1590250
42	- 1712000
43	- 1840000
44	- 1974250
45	- 2114750
46	- 2261500
47	- 2415250
48	- 2576000
49	- 2743750
50	- 2918500
51	- 3100250
52	- 3289750
53	- 3487000
54	- 3692000
55	- 3904750
56	- 4125250
57	- 4354250
58	- 4591750
59	- 4837750
60	- 5092250
61	- 5355250
62	- 5627500
63	- 5909000
64	- 6199750
65	- 6499750
66	- 6809000
67	- 7128250
68	- 7457500
69	- 7796750
70	- 8146000
71	- 8505250
72	- 8875250
73	- 925600
74	- 9647500
75	- 10049750
Cap	- 10462750

All Usable Codes 2019:
Written by Mason64

A guide for getting special free items.

Note: Enter the codes exactly like they are shown!

PopCorn: Limited rarity boost.

TruffleShuffle: Limited rarity the goonies decal.

Shazam: Limited rarity shazam wheels with animated lightning.

CouchPotato: Couch potato player banner title.

Wrestlemania: Player banners and flags.

WWEDads: Player banners and flags.

RLBirthday: Two free WWE items.

RLNitro: Unlock a free Nitro Circus flag.

Bekind: Unlock a VCR Topper.?

How To Do Air Dribbling:
Written by PipeRaku

In this guide I will teach (tips) to do air dribling

-=Air Dribble=-
What is Air Dribbling in Rocket Legaue? An air dribble is a fairly advanced move 
where you touch the ball many times with your car to Ďcarryí the ball across the 
pitch. It can also give you the edge in ranked play. It can make the ball really 
unpredictable and hard for your opponents to defend against your shot. Because you 
keep touching the ball in the air, itís very hard for a defender to predict the 
flight path- it keeps changing. Air dribbles are useful in all gamemodes, and we 
think theyíre the most useful in 1v1 because you need a fair amount of space, 
especially when youíre first beginning, to get the ball in the air and start dribbling.

It is basically like normal dribbling on the ground- hence the name, but a double/
triple touch aerial. So itís not easy to learn. You may have been trying so hard to
 work on your wall to air and ground to air dribble skills using trainers but still 
having a lot of trouble. No worries, check out below tips you will get better!

-=How To Do Air Dribble In Rocket League?=-
Added to the fact that you can take the ball to the very top corner, this technique 
is like holding a toy above a babyís head and laughing as it cries. First you should 
learn how to setup air dribble opportunities in game. There are four ways to start 
an air dribble. The below first three steps are the prerequisite abilities you will 
need to start one.

1. Chipping the ball
When the ball is rolling towards you on the ground, you can drive into it without 
jumping to get the ball to jump upwards. If you are travelling fast, the ball will 
go very high up and quite far forward.

2. Bounce dribbling
To do it, chip the ball up very slightly, as we covered in the previous section. 
Boost into the ball again just after it bounces. You can keep repeating this. The 
timing is quite hard to get down at first, and itís much easier with a car with a 
tall hitbox like the Octane. Itís useful for useful for powerhits and starting air 

3. Balance dribbling
Balance dribbling is useful because you can juke your opponent with it. Once you get 
the ball onto your roof, practice jumping or flipping in any direction to see the 
effect it has on the ball. The only way to get consistently good at balancing the 
ball on your car is to practice it in freeplay. Experiment with altering the throttle 
amount (if youíre on a controller) and feathering the boost (tapping it repeatedly 
instead of holding it) to balance it.

4. Wall hits
To practice wallhits just go into freeplay and hit the ball up the wall. Then drive 
up the wall and hit it. For harder hits try and be lower down than the ball when you 
hit it. Practice them a lot until you can hit the ball from the wall every time 
(accuracy is less important for if you want to do an air dribble with it)

5. Starting an air dribble
The easiest way is using bounce dribbling. Do the pop we covered earlier where you 
jump under the ball when itís just bounced. Now, as you pull the nose of your car up, 
instantly start boosting. Aim your car for the bottom of the ball and fly at it. 
Practice doing this- weíll cover the actual dribble in the next section.

6. Air control
Air control is a must have, if you have no air control youíre not ready for this skill. 
Learning to control your air dribbles is mostly practice and fine car control. Once 
you have a decent height, use very little boost. Remember that a little tap of boost 
can send you quite a distance (in proportion, of course). When you want to carry the 
ball forwards, be slightly behind and under the ball. When you are high enough, you 
can guide the ball in different directions, but remember, if you stop touching the 
bottom of the ball, gravity will take hold, so only do it at the end of your dribble. 
Also, make sure your car is travelling roughly the same speed as the ball. 
This is essential if you want full control of the ball.

7. Fancy stuff
Once youíve mastered the basic air dribble, whether from any start or just one, itís 
time to get fancy. Something that isnít fancy but can catch your opponent off guard 
is to begin an air dribble, but before your second jump runs out, do a front flip 
for a powerful hit towards goal. If your opponent is expecting an air dribble, they 
will be stranded as the ball curves gracefully towards their goal with the finesse of 
a dead swallow coming out of a catapult.

-=Rocket League Ground Air Dribble & Wall Air Dribble=-
There are some differences when you do air dribbling on ground and in on floor, so 
players distinguish air dribbling with two types: Ground Air Dribbling and Wall to 
Air dribbling.

-=How To Do Ground Air dribbling=-
1. Wait for a high enough bounce. You canít just air dribble from the ground anytime.
2. Right after the ball touches the ground and starts to bounce back up, jump and go 
   right underneath the ball.
3. Rotate your car and air roll if necessary to hit the ball and keep it off the ground. 
   Hit toward your desired target.

Getting that 30 degrees angle when hitting the ball is KEY to keeping the ball up in the
 air and controlling the ball. Without mastering it, you are only able to keep the ball 
in the air for a small period of time and can only hit it to a general location.

-=How To Do Wall Air dribbling=-
1. Hit the ball flat into the wall. Flat means that the ball does not bounce whatsoever.
2. After doing so, drive onto the wall underneath the ball in a position that you are 
   able to press the jump button to hit the ball and in a comfortable position.
3. Press the jump button once to hit the ball.
4. Air roll your car so that you are upright and your nose/front of your car is facing 
   the ball.
5. Hit the ball and keep it off the ground for as much as possible to your desired target.

How to Leave Your Sanity Intact After the New Update:
Written by Kronwell. B

Just by following these few basic steps you will vastly improve your mental health.

Follow These Few Easy Steps

-=Step 1=-
Don't be a moron that actually responds to such idiocracy with positive feedback, 
because it just makes everyone involved think that they are smart and correct, similar 
to flat earther's.

-=Step 2=-
Don't invest money in the game unless you want to, nobody asks you to spend a dime on 
the game, it's literally free to play and game play remains the same, whether 
you pay 0$ or 1000$.

-=Step 3=-
Note: This is obvious but apparently kids are too stupid.

Make the dame epic games account, it won't burn down your house and will never bother 
you again, it's literally 1 time thing and if you download rocket league there, you get 
free money to spend in store.

-=Step 4=-
Keep enjoying the game as you did before, because game play literally remains the same, 
you spastic, crying children!

-=Step 5=-
Profit, both emotionally and physically, even monetary.

This update is literally best update for Rocket League since season 3 or 4. If you fail 
to see it, I am sorry to inform you that your intelligence is that of a 3 year old child 
or well trained dog. Pull up your big boy pants before you start growing lady parts caused 
by all this intensive crying.

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