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  Hints and Tips for: Romancing SaGa 3 
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 Romancing SaGa 3 Cheats

Romancing SaGa 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner’s Tips:
Written by Chrisme
Romancing SaGa 3 is a classic, one of the best SNES era RPGs that never got 
an official western release until now. if you’re new to the game. 
Here is some tips for you to start.

If it’s like in the SNES version then the quests you will be able to get will 
depend on the highest amount of HP amongst all your characters. This gives you 
some freedom and where and how to start as well as a good amount of replayability. 
But it’s also something to consider if you want to be super efficient. I think 
it’s possible to miss up on some quests if you don’t pick them up in time.
Also consider which companions you want to build up and do so in time because 
they can lag behind for an eternity if your other characters become too strong 
too quickly. Some have better stats for certain weapons and they also learn 
weapon techs for certain weapons better than others. The little fairy Yousei 
(or so) is great with bows or spears for example.

Weapon techs – once researched – can be used by any of your characters. Some 
techs (especially dodge abilities which are often immunities against nasty 
conditions) can only be learned by specifically going for them (=> let yourself 
get hit repeatedly with the ability, very grindy). Another example: using that 
one low level arrow skill (sorry can’t remember what it was like… :p) while 
having the blind status on your archer character.

And if you want to do magic, then do it right. Never ever use a weapon, only 
cast “free” spells or block if you ran out of spell points. Once you have 
gained enough spell points without gaining weapon tech points you will get a 
“magic crown” symbol for your spellcaster which reduces the cost of your spells.
For some characters it is illusionary to work towards obtaining the crown. They
would get it way too late to make it useful.
There are some very specific rules for obtaining it. Basically if someone has 
too many tech points or weapon skills (can’t fully remember) he is kind of 
gimped as a mage by default. And even as a crowned mage you can lose it very 
easily again by gaining tech points. As such only few characters (such as Muse) 
can be turned into a crowned mage with little effort. Sadly they all don’t have 
a great intelligence value… well, Undine works I guess… (best mage would be if 
you chose Thomas as your main character and went full int and spell crown)
High level elemental spells are only available for purchase if you performed 
the appropriate story quests. If you know your way around the quests you can 
work towards getting some spells as soon as possible from the start. 
But that’s nothing for the first playthrough… Just take what you can get. 
Melee is often better than magic anyway.

-=If you have a magic crown=-
* the basic wind spell is great for single target damage, later aoe spells are 
  good in terms of the damage / cost ratio too
* the basic water spell is a free heal every turn, water can also remove conditions 
  and damage moderately as well
* earth is good damage and has a massive (and very expensive) heal
* fire is somehow more for support somehow. It has a cheap column attack among 
  other things.
* sun can heal and damage greatly but is very expensive
* moon is very situational but has a cheap heal and a good final spell 
  (clone your caster with 1 HP)

A character can learn either sun *or* moon magic in combination with one of the 
elemental magic schools. Consider something like wind (dmg) / moon (semi-cheap 
single target heal) for example. Many possible combinations and none is really 

Sun and moon are also the only magic schools from which you can learn the highest 
level spells without doing a specific quest. But you need to reach a far away 
(somewhat hidden) city to learn them. So it’s not really a beginner thing either.

You can also use elements to your advantage. Use certain fire spells to remove 
water effects from the battlefield that would heal your enemies. Or turn the 
battlefield into a field of water bubbles yourself and equip water element armour 
to receive free regeneration each turn. But also be very afraid of lightning 
attacks if you do that.

If you want to have a special playthrough, pick the greenhaired girl as your 
main character. She has a special commander mode. FOR REASONS.

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