Rugby League 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rugby League 2 
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 Rugby League 2 Cheats

Rugby League 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Matrix Kicking off: 
Type the following code in the "Create a Player" Section 

Password:            Effect
There is no spoon  - This will turn Matrix Kicking off

Watch All "Unlockable" Videos without unlocking them!: 
To watch any of the "Extra" movies (Except CREDITS) simple insert the  "Play"  Rugby  League 2 
disc and let it load. Go to MY COMPUTER - DISC DRIVE (The drive you have the RL2 CD inserted in), 
Right click it and  go  to  "Explore".  Now  you  can  view all the unlockable videos without 
having to unlock them!.

Stadium / Team unlocks:
The  following is a list of the majority of unlocks for the game, just follow the requirements on 
how to get them as pointed out! NOTE: The  requirements  stated  are for PC, they may or may not 
work for the  Playstation 2 version.

The Beach Stadium:
Play the game for eight hours, or keep a team scoreless while putting on a good score (30+).

The Flavian Amphitheatre (Roman Coliseum):
Play the game for 14 hours, or win a game with an international team.

Announced created player name:
Make a created player with a last name that is the same as a regular player(the first name does not
matter). When you play a match and he gets the ball, the  game will announce his name instead of the

Strange credits:
Watch the credits until the end. Wait at this screen and a recipe for duck and a sauce will appear. 
Keep watching after this has ended and "Whoa! Ducks!" will appear.

QSAC Stadium (ANZ Stadium):
Play the game for 12 hours, or win the competition with the Brisbane Broncos

Stade Aime Giral:
Play the game for five hours

The Warehouse:
Play the game for seventeen hours, or dominate a game on legend mode (60% or more possession and win).

NRL Season 2004 Highlights Video:
Play the game for four hours

Super League 2004 Season Highlights Video:
Play the game for six hours.

25 Years of Origin Video:
Win a state of origin competition on legend or harder.

Behind The Scenes Video:
Complete an entire 10 year franchise.

Cheerleaders Video:
Play for 20 hours.

Production Stills Gallery:
Win with the Sidhe all stars on seasoned or harder difficulty.

State of Origin Teams:
Play the game for one hour.

City Country Teams:
Play the game for two hours.

Tri Nations Competition:
Play the game for seven hours, or win the tri nations in franchise mode.

Trans Tasman Test Series:
Play the game for nine hours, or win the trans tasman test series in 
franchise mode.

War of The Roses Teams:
Play the game for three hours.

All International Sides:
Play the game for eleven hours, or win a seasoned or tougher game with an
edited side or a custom team.

Sidhe All Stars Team:
Play the game for eighteen hours, or win back to back premierships in franchise

League God Difficulty:
Play  the game for thirteen hours, or win a competition on legend mode that is 
longer than three matches.

Small Heads:
Go to the menu where you create a character and enter the following name:
micro noggin

Unlock Everything:
Go to the menu where you create a character and enter the following name: Darren Unlockyer.

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