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 Runaway 2 - The Dream of the Turtle Cheats

Runaway 2 - The Dream of the Turtle

Submitted by: RM

How to climb the rock in the quicksand area:
After you have tried to climb the rock go west to the hydroplane area
and look inside the hatch where you'll find a tank of water, a tool 
and a can of anti-slippage spray. (the anti-slippage spray will only
be present after you have tried to climb the rock).
Use the anti-slippage spray on the rock to climb it.

Sunflower seeds for the parrot:
Found by searching through the sunflower seed remains on the balcony.
They are given to the parrot in the cabin. After filling the hanging 
bottle on the balcony with the bottle o' grog and leaving the area, 
more sunflower seeds are found by searching the sunflower seed remains.
These are also given to the parrot in the cabin.

How to cross the bridge:
You will find a pair of snow shoes in compartment in the hydroplane. 
Use the snow shoes on the bridge to cross over to the other side. 

Ruffianism test answers:
1 - Long John Silver
2 - Doctor
3 - By inventing turtle-surfing, as everyone knows.
4 - Henry and Diego - Diego returned - Joao and Jean - Henry returned - 
    Henry and Diego.

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