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 Sabre Team Cheats

Sabre Team

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Unlimited action points:
Unlimited action points Equip and deploy four characters on any mission. Click
on the blueprint icon at the main menu and select the characters in the following
order: 3, 4, 1, 2, 2, 4, 1, 3. Then click the left-hand icon. 

Note the following table:

~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~
R Teather    012C C4   012E 63   0130 C5  0136 63       0138 63
N Adamson    02C1 64   02C3 63   02C5 64  02CB 63       02CD 64
K L Dobson   0458 BF   045A 63   045C B8  0462 63       0464 BA
T Hudson     05DA 63   05DC 18   05DE 63  05E4 1A       05E6 63
P J Roderik  0796 63   0798 6F   079A 63  07A0 69       07A2 63
T L Ramo     092D 66   092F 63   0931 66  0937 63       0939 66
L Jelico     0AD6 63   0AD8 5F   0ADA 63  0AE0 59       0AE2 63
P Hackney    0C77 63   0C79 67   0C7B 63  0C81 67       0C83 63

Now, say I wanted to upgrade Mr R Teather, to 99 percent for all attributes,
I would save my game, and go into debug and do the following:

e 012c c4
e 012e 63
e 0130 c5
e 0136 63
e 0138 63

Now compare the above to the values beside R Teather on the table.

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