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  Hints and Tips for: Sakura Nomori 
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 Sakura Nomori Cheats

Sakura Nomori

The file that controls the photoshop is SAKUCON.SAV, and 
its only 14 bytes long, so you can easily create one in a 
binary file editor. 

Contents (in hex) are:
$29EF 4E82 CC93 6D00 0100 0000 0000
I've tried with zero length files and other contents, and they 
don't work. Just use these values. The photoshop appears to be 
all the sexy images in the game, including a few I didn't want to 
see again (two of dead girls, ick!). While you view the 
photoshop, it asks you after every picture if you want to 
continue or exit. Top option is continue, bottom is exit 
photoshop. The full-screen scrolling pictures want you to click 
once to scroll back when they stop.

The game uses ACTIVEJP.INI in your \Windows directory to tell 
itself where the data files are for the game, and some window 
settings. Just so you can delete it if you ever want to expunge 
all trace of this game from your computer.

You can delete the SAKUWIN.001 file in the SAKUWIN directory - it 
isn't needed once you've installed the other SAKUWIN.A?? files. 
It's read-only though.

There were a LOT of extra files included with this one which have 
nothing to do directly with playing the game. They're in the 
"Info" and "_Omake" directories. Over half the 9 disks worth of 
stuff is in there.

The SAKUWIN\_omake\Picture\Tato1?.jpg files (?=5 and 6) are 
slightly wrong. They include a Macintosh header which prevents 
them from being displayed by most JPG display programs. Use a 
binary file editor to delete the first 128 ($80) bytes, and these 
two pictures should work fine. Well, 15 has really strange 

File SAKUWIN\_omake\if.lzh contains an IF.JPG file that's better 
than the existing IF080H.JPG file. However, IF.JPG needs to have 
the first 128 bytes deleted, just like TATO15.JPG above. Delete 
IF.LZH if you don't want to read the IF.DOC file.

File SAKUWIN\_omake\magen2.lzh contains a MAGEN2.JPG file which 
may display as if it is damaged on some viewers, while others 
show it correctly. Delete MAGEN2.LZH if you don't want to read 
the MAGEN2.DOC file.

The SAKUWIN\_omake graphics files are in several different 
formats - TIF, BMP, and JPG. The TIF ones (BOMBER?.TIF) happen to 
already be smaller than a GIF version! However, the BMP ones do 
end up much smaller when converted to GIF. BOMBER4.TIF didn't 
want to display properly in one of my utilities, but it was fine 
in others.

The SAKUWIN\_omake\_omakeif\_omake_1.lzh file apparently contains 
the photoshop files for IF3. Without the game, I guess you could 
try file renaming with IF1 to get to see these pictures. Then 
again, file renaming might make the "missing" photoshop in IF1 
available too. Just a thought - need to follow up on this!

File SAKUWIN\_omake\ACTLIST.DOC apparently is a list of "Active" 
products and their release dates and formats. Looks like the 
SAKUWIN game is #15, and there is only one other Windows 95 
product in the list, #16.

The two LARGE .DOC files in the INFO directory don't work with 
Word 6.0, at first. You have to use SETUP.EXE to open and view 
them. Decide if you want to save them while viewing. "Save" or 
"Save As" will work.

If you have the Susie graphics viewer, the TS1.EDO and 
EDOFILE.PAK files contain images for this game, although there 
is only 1 in TS1.EDO. You need the Active plug-in for Susie to 
see the images. There are also images in the _OMAKE\PC98 files 
MG3_98D.LZH and SAKURA98.LZH files, although the SAKURA98 ones 
you've seen already.

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