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  Hints and Tips for: Samurai Warriors 2 
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 Samurai Warriors 2 Cheats

Samurai Warriors 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Chaos difficulty:
To unlock the Chaos difficulty setting, complete Story mode with Nobunaga Oda, 
Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa. 

Dream stages:
The characters' dream stages can be unlocked only when you complete their 
Story modes. For example, to unlock Yukimura Sanada's dream you must clear
his Story mode. This applies to all the characters in the game, except for
five dream stages. They can be unlocked when you complete another 
character's Story mode or dream stage.

Kenshin Uesugi's Dream      - Successfully complete Shingen Takeda's Dream
Oichi's Dream               - Successfully complete Noh's Dream
Magoichi Saika's Dream      - Successfully complete Masamune Date's Story mode
Mitsunari Ishida's Dream    - Successfully complete Kanetsugu Naoe's Story mode
Uesugi Kenshin's Gaiden     -  Complete Takeda Shingen's Musou mode including Gaiden
Yoshihiro's Shimazu's Dream - Successfully complete Yukimura Sanada's Dream

Unique bodyguards:
There are two unique non-playable characters that can be unlocked as bodyguards 
only. They are Kojiro Sasaki and Katsuie Shibata. Both must be unlocked by 
completing special missions in Survival Mode on 76F. If you have enough money, 
start from 51F and play until you reach 76F. You should use a powerful character 
with maxed stats such as Musashi, Tadakatsu or Keiji.

To unlock Kojiro, you must play the "Employment Opportunity" mission on 76F. On 
the first floor, you must score 100 KOs in five minutes. On the second floor, you
must defeat Mitsunari Ishida, Yukimura Sanada and Kanetsugu Naoe in five minutes. 
On the third floor, you must defeat the same enemies in the second floor, but 
this time they are in Hyper mode and more powerful than before. On the fourth 
floor, you must defeat Kojiro himself. He is in Hyper mode and has some bodyguards.
Try to avoid them and defeat Kojiro. On the fifth and final floor, you must defeat 
Musashi Miyamoto. He is in Super Hyper mode and is extremely powerful, meaning 
that regular attacks will not stagger him. After defeating Musashi, you must 
defeat Kojiro again. He is in Super Hyper mode like Musashi. After defeating 
him, he will become available in the shop as a bodyguard. 

To unlock Katsuie, you must play the "Woeful Beauty" mission on 76F. On the first 
floor, you must defeat Oichi. She has a number of bodyguard officers. Try to avoid
them and defeat her. On the second floor, you must approach Hideyoshi and defeat 
him quickly in one minute. On the third floor, you must defeat Mitsuhide Akechi 
and Ranmaru Mori in three minutes. After defeating them, Nobunaga will appear and
try to escape. You must defeat him quickly. On the fourth floor, you will face 
Nagamasa Azai's bodyguards, although it is not required to defeat them because 
they will constantly reappear again. Nagamasa will appear after a while. You must
avoid his bodyguards and defeat him to open the stairs. On the fifth and final 
floor, you must defeat Katsuie himself. He is in Super Hyper mode and is extremely
powerful, meaning that regular attacks will not stagger him. After defeating him, 
he will become available in the shop as a bodyguard.

Unique horses:
There are two unique horses that have special effects in the game. They are the 
Persian Mare and Moon Child. Both must be unlocked by completing special missions
in Survival Mode on 71F. If you have enough money, start from 51F and play until 
you reach 71F.

To unlock Persian Mare, you must play the "Transport Rescue" mission on 71F, 
although it becomes available only when you complete the regular "Medicine Hunt"
mission. On every floor you must focus on protecting the Supply Captain, especially
on the last two floors. On the first floor, you must rescue the Supply Captain by 
defeating the four Raiders attacking him. On the second floor, you must defeat 
Magoroku Saika to pass. On the third floor, you will face a bunch of Raiders and 
Vagabonds. Try to avoid them and defeat Magoichi Saika. On the fourth floor, you 
will face Vagabonds and Miscreants. You must avoid them and defeat Okuni. Once she
is defeated, she will come back. When you defeat her, she will appear once again 
along with Magoichi. You will need to defeat them and prevent them from killing 
the Supply Captain. On the fifth and final floor, you must defeat Kotaro Fuma. 
When you defeat him, Hideyoshi along with Nene, Mitsunari Ishida, and Sakon Shima
will appear and charge the Supply Captain. You must defeat them quickly before they
kill the Supply Captain. After defeating them, the Persian Mare will become available
in the shop. 

To unlock Moon Child, you must play the "Shopkeeper's Escort" mission on 71F. On the
first floor, you must kill all the Miscreants on the floor. On the second floor, the
Supply Captain will move and stop randomly. When he stops, you will have to find some
Musou Wine. It can be found in any container. On the third floor, you must defeat 
four Raiders to make way for the Supply Captain to escape. On the fourth floor, you 
must defeat the Marauder. On the fifth and final floor, you will face Tadakatsu Honda,
Ina and Ginchiyo Tachibana. You should defeat Tadakatsu first to make things easier, 
as he is extremely powerful. After defeating them the Moon Child will become available
in the shop.

Okuni: Fourth weapon:
Play Infinite Castle. To obtain the Raging Sun (Hinataame no Uzume), you must clear
the Priestess's Temple Donation Solicitation Pilgrimage mission in the Infinite Castle
once on any floor above floor 60. Of course, you must successfully complete the mission
playing as Okuni. This mission spawns somewhat at random; take it as it comes up. The
first floor in the mission has nothing special; on each of the three subsequent stages,
you will have to defeat some subgenerals and then eventually a general such as Ieyasu 
Tokugawa or Nobunaga Oda. On the fifth and final floor of the mission, you will 
encounter Keiji Maeda fighting a false Okuni clone. Defeat the fake Okuni to finish 
the mission. The second time you do this, Keiji Maeda will say he has something for 
you and turn hostile. Defeat Keiji and he will drop the weapon box with this weapon 
in it.

Sakon Shima: Fourth weapon:
Play Battle of Sekigahara. To obtain the Wrecking Blade (Takeminakata), defeat all 
enemy generals (not counting the traitors) while keeping all of your allies alive. 
Once done, the supply team will show up from a gate along the south side of the map
and run west.

Nene: Fourth weapon:
Play Battle Of Komaki Nagakute. To obtain the Devil Feathers (Toyotama no Tobikodachi),
you must save the detached force to the east, take Iwasaki Fort, then defeat Hanzou 
Hattori, Inahime, and Tadakatsu Honda. Speed over to the east side to aid the severely
weakened detached force. To save them, kill Ujishige Niwa and Naomasa Ii. Then, enter 
Iwasaki to the immediate south and take it by defeating Yasumasa Sakakibara. This will
prompt Ieyasu Tokugawa to move his camp to the west. Meanwhile, Hanzou Hattori will 
sneak attack your base as Tadakatsu Honda and Inahime attempt to take back Iwasaki 
Fort. It takes them some time to get there; so dispatch that ninja, Hanzou. He will
seal the doors so you must use the ninja route just east of the main door to get in.
You should defeat him before he reaches your main camp. With him smashed, return to 
Iwasaki and defeat Inahime and the Hyper mode Tadakatsu. Then, ride after the supply
team that will appear from the gate to the left of the middle area.

Submitted by: ashim

Ginchiyo Tachibana: Fourth weapon
Play Conquest of Kyushu on Hard or Chaos mode. To obtain the Heaven's Bite (Raikou Suseri) 
you have to mess with the Shimazu clan. Start by crossing the bridge to fall into an ambush. 
Take down Iehisa Shimazu then head to the northeast fort to defeat Tadanaga Shimazu. Next 
go south to defeat Yoshihiro Shimazu. This will open the doors, to which you will walk into 
another ambush on the eastside. Route Toshihisa Shimazu to leave only Yoshihisa Shimazu around. 
Feeling lonely, Iehisa, Toshihisa, and Yoshihiro will return and be in Hyper mode. 
You now have four hyper generals. Defeat them exactly in the order Iehisa, Toshihisa, and 
Yoshihiro to prompt a supply team to appear at the northeast gate that will run for the west. 
Intercept the supply team then trash Yoshihisa Shimazu to end the stage.

Hanzou Hattori: Fourth weapon
Play Attack On Ueda Castle. To obtain the Chained Dragon (Inga Yomitsu), you must play in 
Hard or Chaos mode. Take out Kotarou Fuuma and all of his clones (three), then defeat 
Yukimura Sanada before beating Masayuki Sanada. Stop the water attack to make things easier 
for you on your way to Kotarou Fuuma and his three clones. Watch out for super-hyper Yukimura 
Sanada though. After finally defeating Masayuki Sanada, you will get a precious item report 
in the back of the castle on the first floor, on the right side, behind where one of Fuuma's 
duplicates were found. 

Hideyoshi Toyotomi: Fourth weapon
Play Battle Of Shizugatake. To obtain the Simian Sansetsu (Mibashira no Utsumiko),you must 
play in Hard or Chaos mode. Defeat Toshiie Maeda and convince him to retreat before Katsuie 
Shibata orders him to charge. You must then defeat Keiji Maeda when he charges your home 
base. Obviously, get over to Toshiie Maeda. Crush him before the order is given by Katsuie 
Shibata. You will know if you are too late and the charge order has been given if Toshiie 
Maeda is in Hyper mode. After you dispatch him, get back to your main base to intercept 
Keiji Maeda before he gets there. Wipe out inconsequential generals along the way if possible. 
Keep the fight with Keiji away from any of your allies because they will die in the crossfire 
between you and the Hyper Keiji Maeda. Bring him down and get ready to catch the supply team 
that will appear at the gate near Toshiie Maeda's base and move southwards.

Ieyasu Tokugawa: Fourth weapon
Play Battle Of Sekigahara. To obtain the Quake Maker (Koujin Wakatakeru), play in Hard or 
Chaos mode. Simply enough, just cut loose and kill all the enemy generals. Although you are 
not obligated to keep your allies alive (you might want their help) you must keep in mind 
the order in which you dispatch your foes. Normally many would defect your side. For example, 
taking Ekei Ankokuji will spur Hiroie Yoshikawa and Hidemoto Mouri to defect. Leave them alone 
for now and knock around some generals in the central area. Another mess you must be aware of 
is that Hideaki Kobayakawa will waver a short time into the battle. Normally you would send 
Magobei Fuse to shoot at him to convince Hideaki Kobayakawa to defect. To defuse this situation, 
stay away from Magobei Fuse and let him die. Upon his death, all hell will break loose and the 
entire enemy force will come charging in on their new morale-boosted fever. Now is the time to 
destroy them all without worry. With Mitsunari Ishida all alone, a supply team carrying your 
fourth weapon will appear from the fort in the northwest, and move south. 

Ina: Fourth weapon
Go through the Siege of Odawara Castle in Story mode under the Hard or Hell difficulty setting. 
You must defeat all the Hojo officers by yourself. The sequence is your decisions to make, but 
the following is recommended. You can start by razing any enemies you can see until the siege 
ramp is ready. Once it is ready, protect it. When you are beyond the walls, defeat the officer 
that guarding the cannons. Note: Do not kill the Reserve Captains as this will keep the allied 
officers busy. Then, defeat all three officers at south gate (the one with Shimazu). Ignore 
the storehouse sub-mission once you are done. Kotaro will send three more officers to your 
main camp. Go and defeat them. If you are fast enough, defeat three officers at main gate. 
Continue opening the gates by starting from the middle gate and again, defeat the two 
officers guarding that position. After that, proceed to north gate to defeat three officers 
there (one with Masamune Date). Go to the northwest area and defeat the two officers before 
Masamune does. Once done, make your way into the castle (the bomb corridor) and defeat the 
two officers guarding it. Again, go into the castle and immediately go to south or lower 
left area where the storehouse is located. Defeat all the officers there. You must hurry 
before the Shimazu army does. Then, proceed to the second floor in the castle and defeat 
Kotaro. A supply team will show up in the east of the castle walls. Intercept them, pick up 
the Coiled Viper weapon, then defeat the two Hojos at the third floor. 

Kanetsugu Naoe: Fourth weapon
Play Last Stand Against Ieyasu. To obtain the Evil's Bane (Kamunaobi no Mitsurugi), thrash 
Masamune Date, Tadakatsu Honda, Hanzou Hattori, and Inahime. Trigger their appearance by 
approaching and escorting Kagekatsu Uesugi. Get Masamune Date first, then take out the other 
three before allies like Keiji Maeda and Yukimura Sanada get them. Then take a horse to catch 
the supply team that will show up from the gate north of the central plain and scurry 

Keiji: Fourth weapon
Get 1,000 kills on Keiji's fourth stage, the Battle Of Hasedou, to get his weapon. 

Kenshin Uesugi: Fourth weapon
Play Conquest Of Kyushu. To obtain the Frozen Flame (Ama no Murakumo), you must prove 
your leadership skills as you tour the battlefield defeating most of the generals. After 
being turned away by geysers, go towards Shingen Takeda, wiping out Hideyoshi Hashiba, 
Koroku Hachisuka, and Hidemasa Hori along the way. Soon Toshiie Maeda and Nene will show 
up for their beating. With them down, move northwest to the enemy home. Be careful; if you 
kill everyone outside your army will rush the base and you must get in before they do. 
Once you enter, Yoshihiro Shimazu and Yoshihisa Shimazu will reveal that they are really 
at the center of the map. Simultaneously, Nobunaga Oda and Nouhime will also creep down 
to the northwest fort. You will now have two Shimazus, two fake Shimazus, and Nobunaga 
Oda and Nouhime coming to kill you. Defeat them all and Mitsuhide Akechi and Ranmaru Mori 
will appear. Take out Mitsuhide Akechi first then Ranmaru Mori. Once done, a supply team 
will materialize in Kenshin's camp. Get the weapon from them. In order to end the stage, 
you must take on the real Shimazus, who are very strong and in Hyper mode.

Kotaro Fuuma: Fourth weapon
Try to maximize his stats before proceeding to get this weapon. On Kotaro's Dream stage, 
The Defense Of Odawara Castle, you must complete a series of missions under the Hard 
difficulty setting. You will begin in front of the ninja path. Double jump over it and 
start filling your Musou bar. After Mitsunari's transmission, a siege ramp will appear. 
Note: Do not destroy it before you receive the mission. Once you have received the mission, 
destroy it before the siege ramp is in place. Then, proceed to the north (main gate). 
Rescue Chiba Naoshige and defeat the three officers there. You will notice that Nene will 
begin her infiltration on the Hojo main general. Ignore it at first. Continue your attack 
on the north garrison. Defeat the three officers there and rescue Honjou Ujiteru. Go 
towards enemy's main camp and eventually the Tokugawa army will appear. This is the critical 
part, and you have to be very fast to defeat all six Tokugawa officers. You can do it in 
any sequence, but the recommended one is as follows. First, go to Ieyasu and his friends 
and defeat them. Next, defeat the two officers at the castle's front door without entering 
the castle. Then, defeat the last Tokugawa officer at the south area. After you have finished 
the mission, enter the castle and start killing the fire ninjas and destroy the rigged bomb 
inside the castle before proceeding to the third floor. The bomb placements are normally 
random, so you will have to search thoroughly. There are usually three bomb and two fire 
ninjas on first floor and two bombs and three fire ninjas on the second floor. When the 
mission notice appears, you will know that you have gotten all of them. Hurry to the third 
floor and defeat Nene. Finally, save your ally officer, Ogawara Yasuhiro, at the southeast 
of the map. You must hurry because the ally officer is not as tough as you. Defeat the 
officers that are attacking him. Once done, escort him to the safe location as stated in 
the map. Along the way you will be ambushed by Sakon Shima at the south gar!
rison (near the ninja path) you to went before. Defeat him as well. Once Ogawara has 
safely retreated, you will get a precious item report and the weapon will be on the first 
floor. Its stats are Base Attack 44, Shura Element, Life +19, Attack +37, Speed +38, 
Jump +17, Musou Charge +33. 

Magoichi Saiga: Fourth weapon
Play Escape From Honnouji. To obtain the Marksman's Pride (Gokuen Kagutsuchi), defeat 
Nobunaga as fast as possible. However, with unending fog you must acquaint yourself 
with the area. Equip a horse and stick close to the walls. If you have to pull over 
and fight, use the horse like a compass and park it so it faces in the direction you 
want to go so you will know how to orient yourself when you get back on. Also, fight 
as close as possible to your horse. If you get too far, you may lose it forever in the 
mist. Along the way you will thwart two bandit-on-villager raids, then run into Ranmaru 
Mori and Nouhime. Smash them both and continue east to get to the fort Nobunaga Oda is 
in. Vanquish the door captain to get in, and rush to defeat Nobunaga Oda as quickly as 
possible. Watch for a message stating that the supply team has appeared. Ride out the 
south door of the fort (not the door that you entered through) and go directly south. 
Once you hit a dead end, turn right (west). Keep going and you should be able to find 
the supply team. To be safe, save the game once you get the supply team message so you 
can reload in case you cannot find them out there. Once you defeat them the stage is 
not over; you must find Kotarou Fuuma and defeat him. Look for him on the east side. 
However, his appearance can be random time to time. 

Masamune Date: Fourth weapon
Play Showdown At Mikatagahara. To obtain the Manhunters (Oohakari), defeat all enemy 
generals except for Ieyasu Tokugawa while keeping all of your ally generals alive. 
First, make Musashi Miyamoto lose his Hyper powers by taking the forts on the east 
and west sides. He will charge and fall into an ambush. Kill him then take the center 
fort. Make your way around the map killing all the other enemy generals. The only ones 
you will not be able to reach yet are Inahime and Ieyasu Tokugawa. Take the opportunity 
to take as many gates as you can, as things are about to get a lot tougher. Once you 
enter Ieyasu's camp, the doors will lock and Ieyasu will reveal himself to be Hanzou 
Hattori in disguise. At the same time the real Ieyasu Tokugawa will appear outside the 
camp, and he and Inahime will charge your allies, as well as Tadakatsu Honda and other 
reinforcements to the north. You must defeat Hanzou as quickly as possible to open the 
gates. Then, speed out and aid your allies, prioritizing those who have multiple generals 
on them. Killing generals speedily is of the essence, especially when it comes to 
Tadakatsu Honda. Once you have defeated everybody except Ieyasu Tokugawa, the supply 
team will show up from the northwest gate and move eastwards.

Mitsuhide Akechi: Fourth weapon
In Battle for Unification, Mitsuhide's Dream stage, the task is to defeat Masamune 
Date, Keiji Maeda, Katsuie Shibata, Okuni, Sanada Yukimura, and Naoe Kanetsugu. Begin 
your attack on Shibata Katsuie first as he is the closest enemy officer. Then later in 
progress, Keiji and Okuni will charge to your base as will Yukimura and Kanetsugu. 
Thwart their attacks and proceed to Masamune at south. Defeat him as well and proceed 
to Tokugawa's main base. You must kill a few officers guarding the gate first. Once you 
have defeated them, Tadakatsu will appear and as well as Kotaro at the northeast. After 
that, the Akechi army will begin to charge. This will prompt the supply team to show 
up a short while later from the north gate. Pick up the weapon, defeat Tadakatsu to 
open the door to Tokugawa, then defeat him to finish the stage. The Gilded Talon's stats 
are Base Attack 45, Lightning Element, Musou +36, Attack +34, Defense +35, Attack 
Range +37. 

Mitsunari Ishida: Fourth weapon
Play The Edo Campaign. To obtain the Golden Frill (Shintasu no Shinsen), you must 
fulfill a certain number of missions. First up, kill Yoshiaki Mogami. Then save your 
ally Hideie Ukita, who was gullible enough to be lured into a trap. Defeat all the enemy 
generals around him to successfully rescue him. Some of your friends will now ditch you 
and turn traitor. Rebuke them by destroying all of them (Hiroie Yoshikawa, Hidemoto Mouri, 
and Hideaki Kobayakawa). You will then get another mission to return to the inside of the 
castle and defeat all of the generals there. Once you do, Kotarou Fuuma will appear and 
attempt to sneak attack your base from a secret door that opens in the west. Defeat him 
before he can arrive at your camp. Next, defeat the one guard captain inside the east 
door of the castle to open a door and find a captured ally general, Ekei Ankokuji. With 
the prisoner freed, you will receive a mission to escort him back to your base camp. 
Destroy everything in your path so he does not get distracted and feel obligated to hack 
at anything nearby (especially all the enemy generals that will ambush the two of you). 
Once done, make sure you enter the main castle from the north side. Defeat the general 
in the way there and you will find a sealed door. At the dead end Ekei Ankokuji will 
suggest another path from the south side. Once this happens, a precious item report 
will flash on screen and the weapon appears on the bridge between the two sections of 
the castle. Go to the south side and cross over to the north part of the castle, finding 
the weapon along the way. 

Musashi Miyamoto: Fourth weapon
Play Chaos In Kyoto. To obtain the Mastery & Vision (Iwasaku Iwatsutsu), defeat Ieyasu 
Tokugawa before he retreats. Ride up there and swat him. A supply team will sprint 
from a gate along the east side, moving south. Pick up the weapon and complete the 
stage normally by allowing Hideyori Toyotomi to reach the escape point on the east 
side, then defeat Kojirou Sasaki when he appears. 

Nagamasa Azai: Fourth weapon
Play Defense Of Odani Castle. To obtain the King's Honor (Waou no Yachihoko), defeat 
a series of enemy generals. Get Hidemasa Hori and Saizou Kani. Then defeat Nagahide 
Niwa and Nagachika Kanamori to seize the northwest fort. Immediately move towards the 
fort in the center to trigger Hideyoshi Toyotomi breaking the walls and charging at 
the castle. Stop him before he invades the castle. Meanwhile the fort's doors will 
close and three more generals will ambush you. Crush them all. At around this time 
Oichi will begin moving towards the northeast. Once she arrives, Toshiie Maeda and 
Tsuneoki Ikeda will materialize in the north. Take them out. Hurry to the fort in the 
southeast and defeat the generals attacking before Tsunachika Kaihou is defeated. Then 
Nagamasa will finally order his army to charge. This will cause the supply team to show 
up from the center gate on the west side and run eastwards.

Nouhime: Fourth weapon
Play Revolt At Honnouji. To obtain the Delicious Venom (Hiruko) you must complete the 
mission to defend Nobutada Oda then oddly enough, you must let Ranmaru Mori die without 
triggering the mission to protect him, with Nobutada Oda still alive. As the stage starts, 
defeat the two nearby enemy generals harassing Nobunaga Oda. When the fire attack starts, 
make your way up the left side through the small alleys and approach Nobutada Oda. 
This will trigger the mission to defend him, which you can accomplish by defeating both 
generals attacking him. Return to Nobunaga's side and defeat the new generals attacking 
him. Watch out for Nobutada. If he gets in trouble you must rescue him, but of course 
that means Nobunaga himself might get into trouble. After awhile Mitsuhide Akechi will 
pop up on the east side. This will spur Ranmaru Mori to charge Mitsuhide's position. 
Let him do so and take out any remaining generals trying to attack Nobunaga. After 
Ranmaru gets near Mitsuhide, do not approach either of them, as that will trigger 
the mission to protect Ranmaru. If you have already defeated everybody around Nobunaga, 
feel free to go up back to where Nobutada is and continue protecting him. Ranmaru 
will probably take quite a long time to die. Once he does though, the supply team 
will conveniently show up from the west gate near Nobutada's position. 

Oichi: Fourth weapon
This weapon is worth struggling for. Getting the weapon will not be easy. On Oichi's 
Dream stage, The Revolt At Shizugatake, begin by defeating nearby officers. After awhile 
Okuni will appear and assist you. Nene will show up as well, but on Nouhime's side. 
Eventually, Nagamasa Azai will try to charge out to assist you but he will be ambushed. 
Go to him and defend him. You must then go to the south and defeat Nobunaga. You will 
be ambushed by Nene, but do not defeat her yet. After defeating Nobunaga, Tachibana and 
Ina will appear. Defeat both of them. About this time Okuni will turn against you, but 
do not defeat her yet. Ranmaru will also appear; defeat him. Finally, defeat Okuni 
first, then Nene. Nouhime will appear again as well as the supply team. They will be 
at the left side of the center area. Pick up the weapon and defeat Nouhime to finish 
the stage. The weapon's stats are Base Attack 42, Lightning Element, Life +34, Attack 
+38, Defense +34, Musou Charge +32. 

Okuni: Fourth weapon
Play Infinite Castle. To obtain the Raging Sun (Hinataame no Uzume), you must clear 
the Priestess's Temple Donation Solicitation Pilgrimage mission in the Infinite Castle 
once on any floor above floor 60. Of course, you must successfully complete the mission 
playing as Okuni. This mission spawns somewhat at random; take it as it comes up. The 
first floor in the mission has nothing special; on each of the three subsequent stages, 
you will have to defeat some subgenerals and then eventually a general such as Ieyasu 
Tokugawa or Nobunaga Oda. On the fifth and final floor of the mission, you will encounter 
Keiji Maeda fighting a false Okuni clone. Defeat the fake Okuni to finish the mission. 
The second time you do this, Keiji Maeda will say he has something for you and turn 
hostile. Defeat Keiji and he will drop the weapon box with this weapon in it. 

Ranmaru Mori: Fourth weapon
Play Infinite Castle. To obtain the Iron Vengeance (Shinken Kamudo), follow a very 
straightforward list of missions to accomplish. Keep in mind that only the last mission 
needs to be done with Ranmaru to earn the weapon; you can clear the other missions 
using any character desired. First, complete Mitsuhide Akechi's Request 3, which becomes 
available on floor 41 once Ranmaru Mori is playable. You must accompany Mitsuhide Akechi 
through the next few floors. Upon clearing this mission, Keiji Maeda's Request 2 spawns 
on floor 31. Complete this mission as well and a new mission, Keiji Keiji's Real Request 
manifests on floor 46. Complete this mission and on floor 50 Keiji Maeda will decide to 
test you and turn hostile. Defeat him and you will gain the weapon. 

Sakon Shima: Fourth weapon
Play Battle of Sekigahara. To obtain the Wrecking Blade (Takeminakata), defeat all enemy 
generals (not counting the traitors) while keeping all of your allies alive. Once done, 
the supply team will show up from a gate along the south side of the map and run west. 

Shingen Takeda: Fourth weapon
Play Battle of Nagashino. To obtain the Heaven's Sign (Tenson Kourin), you must manage 
some forts and strategically eliminate your enemies. First, take Nagashino Fort directly 
in front of you (defeat the general outside to open the doors, then defeat both generals 
inside to claim it). Then move south and protect the other fort by defeating Tadatsugu 
Sakai. When Tadakatsu Honda and Hideyoshi Hashiba appear and attempt to pincer your 
commander's base from north and south, kill them both before they can enter the base. 
It is safer to get Tadakatsu first and on the way rout Mitsuhide Akechi. After the event 
where it begins raining, thus nullifying Nobunaga's muskets, Shingen will order a charge 
and a few moments later the supply team will show up from the south gate and sprint 
to the east. 

Tadakatsu Honda: Fourth weapon
Play Match Before Tenshou. To obtain the Tonbo-giri (Tousen Arahabaki) you must defeat 
all of the following generals before they are able to enter one of the three forts on 
the map: Hanzou Hattori, Nene, Kotarou Fuuma, Keiji Maeda, Musashi Miyamoto, Kojirou 
Sasaki, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Masamune Date, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. The enemies will arrive 
in four ranking waves and the order is somewhat random. If you close in on a general on 
a warpath toward one of the forts, you will get a mission message to take him or her 
down before he or she enters said fort. You must succeed in all nine missions. If a 
general goes into Hyper mode, it means he successfully entered the fort he was headed 
to and you have failed to get the weapon. It does not matter if the other named generals 
enter any of the forts. Prioritize the generals listed above first. Perhaps have player 
two to help distract (not kill) the generals. Once all nine generals are defeated, the 
supply team will show up from a southeast gate and head northeast. 

Yoshihiro Shimazu: Fourth weapon
Play Breakthrough At Sekigahara. To obtain the Beast Crusher (Ootsuchi Ibuki), you must 
complete a number of missions personally. First, defeat a few generals in the center area 
just to clear things out. Then, move towards Mitsunari Ishida's position camped out in 
the southwest to receive a mission to defend him. Kill all of the generals attacking to 
succeed. Move towards Sakon Shima in the east to trigger a mission to defend him. Along 
the way, Ieyasu Tokugawa will probably order Hanzou Hattori to charge Mitsunari. If he 
does so, go south and intercept Hanzou and defeat him personally. Yoshihiro will then 
tell Mitsunari to gather in the center. Take out more generals in the center if you 
think Mitsunari will have problems. Then, return to defending Sakon, which involves 
defeating the three enemy generals attacking. Ieyasu will now order Tadakatsu Honda 
to charge. Defeat him as he comes down south and Yoshihiro will order Sakon to the 
center. Go up to the northwest corner and defeat the three enemy generals besieging 
Ginchiyo Tachibana's camp. Afterwards Inahime will charge to the west. Go and defeat 
her. Once Ginchiyo reaches the center of the map, the real fun begins. A large number 
of Tokugawa army replacements suddenly appears, surrounding your allies in the general. 
You will then get a mission to eliminate the Eastern Army, which basically involves 
killing every new general on the map. Be careful, as Ginchiyo and Sakon have a nasty 
tendency to steal your kills because they swing so much faster than you can. Save the 
game after every successful kill on your part. Once you kill every general, the doors 
to Ieyasu's camp opens. At the same time a supply team will show up from the northwest 
corner, moving south. 

Yukimura Sanada: Fourth weapon
In Yukimura's fifth stage, The Osaka Campaign, you will begin in the castle. 
Defeat the officer that will come on your floor. Make your way outside the castle. 
You will see a lot of officers outside in the castle courtyard waiting for your bloodlust. 
Defeat them and the main gate will be open. The Tokugawa will send a cannon to destroy 
the castle and at the same time Inahime will approach from the east and Masamune will 
charge from the west heading towards the castle. Ignore them both and focus on destroying 
the cannon. Note: Do not worry if you accidentally kill enemy officers near the cannon. 
Once done, quickly defeat Ina before she enters the castle. Then, hastily cross the 
courtyard to the west, go through the castle, and defeat Masamune before he enters the 
castle. Note: You are free to kill the officers near Masamune. You will then get the 
precious item report and the weapon will on the second floor, in a black box. After that, 
you can finish the stage normally. Note: You may want to seal the gates to make your 
ally officers easier and try to use your second attack. The weapons stats are Base 
Attack 45, Fire Element, Life +19, Attack +35, Defense +38, Horse +18, Musou Charge+32.

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