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  Hints and Tips for: Scrap Mechanic 
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 Scrap Mechanic Cheats

Scrap Mechanic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Tips for Beginners:
Written by Yocandy4

-=The Downright Basics=-
I mean the first thing you need to know is how to move, jump, and access your inventory. 
Well first off you can use SAWD to move aka the keys W,A,S, and D but calling it SAWD 
just sound cooler. Second off you need to jump, all you need to do to do that is to press 
the key in the middle of the bottom row of your keyboard. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen the 
infamous spacebar key. Now, all you have to do to sprint is hold down the shift key and 
press one of the SAWD keys to sprint in that direction. Next, is accessing your inventory. 
All you need to do is press the I key the access the inventory. To navigate the hot bar 
you can use your number keys and mouse wheel. There you have it the down right basics of 
the controls in Scrap Mechanic. 

Now, however, you need to know how to build, it is one of the most important things in 
Scrap Mechanic. If you are building with blocks all you need to do is get them out of 
your inventory, then hover over the place where you want to put them, and click the left 
mouse button. You can put blocks on the ground, on the lift, or on a creation. If you 
want to change the direction a block is going just press the Q key. To remove blocks 
just hover over the block you want to remove and click the right mouse button. If you 
want to place or remove multiple blocks just drag over the highlighted block and it 
will make more blocks be removed or placed. 

Now, you may be wondering what some of the the tools do, but there is no need to wonder 
any longer I will tell you what the some of the most important tools do. The first one 
that is one of the most important tools, is the lift. The lift is well a 
allows you to build creations on it and save them, move them, raise and lower them, 
and turn them around. It also allows you to access creations from the workshop. You 
can move any creation with the lift unless it is attached to the ground. When you 
hover over it with the lift it should go white in color and then all you have to do 
is click on it and drag your mouse to move it. If you want to change the direction of 
the creation on the lift you just need to press the q key. If you need to raise or 
lower a creation on the lift just point you cursor at the lift and press the up and 
down keys on your keyboard. To remove a lift or any other tool just hold down the right 
mouse button and wait for the circle to complete and it will remove the lift. If you 
put one block on one part of the lift you have to attach all other blocks to that block. 
The only things you can put more than one of at the same time are blocks and paint.

But now it is time for another one of the most important tools in Scrap Mechanic, the 
connector. It is a really easy tool. In order for the connector tool to work it needs 
something that it can connect like a switch or an engine. Once you have one of these 
things get the tool out hover over the switch there should be a circle in the middle 
of it. Press and hold the left click button and drag it to the thing you want to connect 
it too. The things you want to connect have to be on the same structure. The other 
function it serves is changing the direction of something. For example if you have a 
bearing attached to an engine you can hover over the bearing and right click and it 
will change the direction the bearing turns, and it does the same thing for anything 
else connected to a bearing. Two tools down a couple more to go. 

Next, is the welding tool, or welder. All you have to do is hover over a block press 
the left mouse button, and drag it to another block and let go. The welder will also 
pick up all the blocks that are attached to the block you got. With this tool also if 
you press q it will change the direction of the way your creation is facing. Quick 
tip if you weld a creation to a three block tall tower that is attached to the ground 
it will reduce lag. Only one more tool I will explain.

Last tool is the paint tool. This tool allows you to paint almost anything. All you 
have to do is select your color from the color menu that you can access by pressing 
q, and then hover over what you want to paint and click the left mouse button. 
Another useful thing to note is that the tool can paint multiple blocks by simply 
holding down on the left mouse button and dragging over the blocks you want to paint. 
That’s it for the tools, hope you found this part useful.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
This are just some useful tips. 

* The square that is the limit for how many blocks you can put down is 16 blocks 
  on every side.
* The path light block does actually give off light. 
* When painting with the same color of paint may look different on different blocks.
* You can only have as many switches as their is space in your hot bar.
* Learn how to use logic blocks if you have not already they are very helpful.

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