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  Hints and Tips for: Secret World Legends 
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 Secret World Legends Cheats

Secret World Legends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Halloween 2017:
Written by Stitchedwicked

A Short but sweet Halloween Guide for 2017.

-=The Meowling Tier 1 & 2=-
The Quest (The Meowling) can be done if you can navigate between Blue 
Mountain and London. It starts at Madame Roget's.

-=Tier 2: Directly after the cut scene.=-
Inspect the photo on her table and then inspect the collar.

Next, go and speak with Andy. He's on the roof of the Sheriff's Office. 
Select "Kittens" from the dialog options. 
You'll have to select it twice for the quest to update.

Swing by the Graveyard on your way to Jack and Wendy's. 
Samhain 2017 Lore #4 is there.

As you approach Jack and Wendy's you can see a figure performing a ritual 
of some kind. Approach and Andy's kittens will come and play. Defeat them.

Samhain 2017 Lore #5 is on a nearby boat behind Jack and Wendy's.

-=Tier 3 & 4: Off to Franklin Manor=-
Approach the Mausoleum behind the house. 
You'll discover that you need a key.

-=Samhain 2017 Lore #2 is in front of the Mausoleum.=-
The key can be found by going to the second attic of the mansion and 
clicking on a highlighted book, then the 2nd floor by clicking the painting 
of the "Seven Sisters" (group of women), and finally entering the code 1957. 
The key will drop on the floor for you to pick up.

Return to the Mausoleum and enter. As you go down you'll have to fight and 
chase the mysterious figure from before. His name is Incognito. 
After he escapes continue forward until you reach a room with a ghostly 
apparition reading a book. Examine the book. 
If you want more information read the other books.

-=Tier 5: Off to London=-
Locate Annapurna in London's Haitian Square Market. It's a shop in London 
that sells herbs. The owner isn't around. You'll need to access the laptop 
to determine what herbs are needed for the ritual. Password: davi-ees. 
Select "blends" and then 5. "Siabhra's Air".

Inspect the EDIT of the herbs you need or just proceed with the guide. 
One of the herbs is on the shelf behind the counter. 
Another can be purchased at the nearby shop "House of Chalk". 
Buy Root chicory.

Also note the the final Samhein 2017 Lore #1 is in the shop.

The final herb can be located in the NW corner of the park.

-=Tier 6: Off to Savage Coast: Vinterskog Woods=-
The ancient woods referenced in the book take you back to Vinterskog Woods. 
Check around coordinates (120, 604) for a tree with cats hovering about and 
a bowl. Click the bowl to perform the ritual.

THE CAT GOD: The quest updates to start The Cat God. Basically, enter the 
portal that appeared and defeat the Cat God. Note you interrupt Incognito's 
ritual by offing the various Werewolves scattered throughout the stones. 
When you damage him enough you'll have to do that again. 
Be prepared to self-heal a bit.

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