Secret Mission Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Secret Mission 
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 Secret Mission Cheats

Secret Mission

Grand Finale & Great Fiesta!: 
Go to the United States embassy. The ambassador asks if 
you managed to get hold of the documents. Answer (yes). 
You hand over the documents. The ambassador orders you 
to neutralize the bomb. The driver takes you automatically 
to the royal elephants. When arriving near the royal 
elephants, pay attention to the way in which the elephants 
react to the orders of the elephant keeper. Wait for the 
departure of the elephant keeper. Now consult the secret 
documents again: 
"A bomb...the Kings elephant...1500...1200...1900". 

Approach the elephant on the left. This is the elephant 
with the bomb. Tell him, in this order: 'Houngawa Timba' 
and "Hunka Kapa.' You'll find the bomb. 

To defuse the bomb, the wires that have to be disconnected. 
The wire color must correspond with the color of the bar the 
seconds counter is in.
1. Pull the 1200 hours pin (with green wire) when the needle 
is on the green bar.
2. Pull the 1500 hours pin (with yellow wire) when the needle 
is on the yellow bar.
3. Pull the 1900 hours pin (with red wire) when the needle 
is on the red bar.

You defused the bomb, saved the day and festivities can start!
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