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  Hints and Tips for: Seed of Amaranth 
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 Seed of Amaranth Cheats

Seed of Amaranth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement and Endings Guide:
Written by LunaMoonshadow
For those new to the game, this guide tells you how to unlock all achievements 
and endings. There are 6 achievements and 2 endings. The choices made donít affect 
the story too much, only that it adds more details based on your choices. But 
nevertheless, itís not hard as there are only three choice prompts throughout the 
whole game.

-=Achievements and Endings=-
Honestly this game doesnít really need a guide, but I decided to make one anyway 
since I have just finished it and boy was it a ride.
So just to let you know before reading, thereís not much to worry about with the 
choices and whatnot.

Thereís only 2 endings and theyíre super easy to get. The Bad End and the True End. 
And only 3 choice prompts throughout the game.

Achievements Iím not sure if the choices effect how you unlock those so Iím just 
providing the first choices I made that got the achievements.
If youíre wanting to see the outcomes of the choices made, I highly recommend you 
save your game before making a choice so you can reload and choose the other. But 
it doesnít really have that much of an effect on the story. Just that they can have
more story based on your judgement. But here it is!

-=Guide Choices=-

Choice 1
* Tell them [Achievement Unlocked: Monster]
* Say nothing
End of Act 1: Loss

Choice 2
* Stop Bel [Achievement Unlocked: Vaelstrom]
* Try to make him listen [Unlocks the Bad Ending]
End of Act 2: Guilt

[Achievement Unlocked: ATOM]

Choice 3
* Reveal the truth [Achievement Unlocked]
* Leave my legend intact
End of Act 3: Hope

[Achievement Unlocked: The End]
[Achievement Unlocked: Amaranth]

-=True End=-
Seems short huh? Nope. Itís a pretty long story. Took me more than 24hrs to 
read. But I enjoyed it! I hope you guys do too, and hopefully this is helpful 
to those new or just curious about the game.

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