Sensible Soccer 2006 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sensible Soccer 2006 
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 Sensible Soccer 2006 Cheats

Sensible Soccer 2006

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM


Win the indicated event to unlock the corresponding boot color for created players.

Blue   : Scots Premier League 
Golden : European Cup 
Green  : Portuguese First Division 
Orange : Dutch First Division 
Red    : French First Division 
Silver : EURO Cup (UEFA cup) 
White  : German Cup 

Win the indicated event to unlock the corresponding football. 

All-star ball                 : Italian Cup 
Bright yellow ball            : Spanish Cup 
Classic old leather football  : English Cup (FA Cup) 
Retro black and white ball    : German First Division 
Tournament ball               : South American Cup 

Win the indicated event to unlock the corresponding hair for created players. 

Afro                       : German Shield
Aging rocker               : Portuguese Cup 
Bouffant                   : Super Cup 
Monk spot                  : French League Cup 
Mullet                     : English Shield (Community Shield) 
Rasta                      : Dutch League Cup 
Receding                   : Scots League Cup 
String band hair accessory : Italian Shield 
Ponytail                   : Spanish Shield 

-=Pitch types=-
Win the indicated event to unlock the corresponding pitch type.

Snowy     : Italian A Div 
Icy       : European Cup (Champions League) 
Muddy     : English Premiership 
Synthetic : World Cup 
Carpet    : Spanish Premier League 

Win the indicated event to unlock the corresponding shirt. 

Codemasters    : English League (Championship) 
Guerrilla      : Portuguese Second Division 
Home & Away    : Spanish Second Division 
Lederhosen     : German Second Division 
Showtime       : Dutch Second Division 
Tartan         : Scots League 
Tropical       : African Cup 
Tuxedo         : Italian B Division 
"I Love Sensi" : French Second Division 

Win the indicated event to unlock the corresponding shorts. 

Guerrilla  : Portuguese League Cup 
Hearts     : French Cup 
Kinky      : Dutch Cup 
Leather    : Italian League Cup 
Lederhosen : German League Cup 
Tartan     : Scottish Cup 
Tropical   : Asian Cup 
Trunks     : Spanish League Cup 
Union Jack : English league Cup

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