Serious Sam - The Second Encounter Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Serious Sam - The Second Encounter 
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 Serious Sam - The Second Encounter Cheats

Serious Sam - The Second Encounter

Cheat Codes:
Update by: vicvek
Update by: arun prakash
Submitted by: conner54

During gameplay, press [~] for the console and type any of the following codes:

Code                  Result
please god          - God Mode
please giveall      - Give All Weapons / Ammo
please killall      - Kill All Monster On Level
please open         - Open All Doors
please fly          - Fly Mode
please ghost        - No Clipping Mode
please invisible    - Invisibility
please tellall      - View All Messages
please refresh      - Restore Energy

Submitted by: ykbks

Open the directory, then go to the notepad created "Sam 2" file, then open it. At 
the end side, you'll find "Sam_bGame" there you'll find "cheatsEnable=0" replace 
0 with 1. then during game play, press ESC to pause, then F1 for cheats.

Cheat Menu:
Submitted by: Emo

On the main menu, Hold left shift + F3,F4,F3,F3,F4 to unlock cheat menu, which can
then be accessed by pressing F1. This enables the cheats menu, which has give all 
weapons, god mode, refresh health, add extra life and unlock all levels. 

Submitted by: Abhishek Sinha & Sabhyasachi Dasgupta

It's time to get really serious with the cheatcodes people!!!
Type the following codes seriously because it took me a lot of labour to search 
and decipher them -
While playing Press the ~ key of your keyboard and type:

1) PLEASE GOD  - to enable godmode(infinite life)
2) PLEASE FLY  - to fly like a bird(*good for dodging)
3) PLEASE OPEN - to open any door or gate(only when a door shows being analyzed 
                 by netressica)

1)To kill the robotic cocoon,destroy all the energy sources using your chain 
  saw or rocket launcher.
2)Try to destroy all statues and caskets or boxes present in various levels 
  to reveal secret healths and damaging shards.

Bad ending:
At the last level when you reach the giant after the bouncing arrows, enable 
the please god code. Then, do not kill any enemies. Go to the church. Enable the 
please fly code at the front door and go over the wall. Continue ignoring the 
enemies, including the wizard, and go to the door. Enable the please open code, 
enter, and wait for the rocket to appear. Do not press anything and watch the 

Mental mode:
Successfully complete the game in serious mode. Alternately, select multi-player, 
then choose Serious mode and The Grand Cathedral as the level. Complete that and 
Mental mode will be unlocked.

The Secret to Survival:
There are two rules of survival in Serious Sam:

1.Circle Strafe, Circle Strafe, Circle Strafe and make sure that you are shooting
  all the while.
2.If it moves, shoot it until it doesn't move. There are no good guys.

Different Weapons for Different Beasts:
Many of the enemies have a special vunerablity to certain weapons.

Arachnoids      - Sniper rifle
Werebulls       - Cannonballs
Gnarrs          - Double-barreled shotgun
Witch-Harpies   - Rockets
Marsh-hopper    - Flamethrower
Cucurbito       - Chainsaw

Submitted by: irfee77
Email :

Before entering the door that leads to the female golden jaguar, on the left side 
of the wall, there is a bouncing block. Go on it to find a Blue Armor.

Submitted by: Steve Mitchell

In the Elephant Atrium, the six Kleer skeletons coming over the wall can be killed by
serious bombs before they hit the ground easily.

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