The Settlers - Rise Of An Empire Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Settlers - Rise Of An Empire 
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 The Settlers - Rise Of An Empire Cheats

The Settlers - Rise Of An Empire

Submitted by: RM

At the title screen, go to the game menu under options. Enter one of the 
following codes to unlock the building. The buildings have no function; 
they are purely decorative. 

Note: These codes only work when you start a new game; the buildings will 
not show up in a previously saved game.

Code         Result
1703848010 - Unlock Family Statue 
0025722953 - Unlock Pavilion

Unlock all Levels:
Change the following in your *.ini file.


Instant bowmen & swordmen, and removing the fog:
First activate the cheat mode - hold down ctrl+shft and press / * - 
in order (the top three keys on your number pad).

Code          Effects
Ctrl+4      - will give you bowmen.
Ctrl+5      - will give you swordsmen - They will appear where ever your 
              arrow is, even on enemy territory.
Ctrl+9      - will give you the catapult I think. Just play around with 
              the numberpad and see what you get.
Shft+Ctrl+F - will lift the fog so that you can see all territories.
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