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 Shadowrun: Hong Kong Cheats

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press Alt+F1 to activate debug mode. Click on CMD at the top-left corner of 
the screen and type in the commands below to activate. Where you see X just 
put in a number.

Effect                                            Code
Add AP X amount                                 - addAP X
Add X amount of karma to current player         - addKarma X
Causes the active player to die                 - suicide
End the turn of team                            - endturn
Every action has a 100% hit chance              - toggleNeverMiss
Gives superspeed, invulnerability, high damage  - toggleGodMode
Kills all enemies in a radius X                 - slaughter X
Kills all visible enemies                       - deathray
Restores AP                                     - restoreAP
Set HP X amount                                 - setHP X
Stuns all visible enemies                       - stunray

Console Codes:
While playing in debug mode, Press [ALT]+F1 and you'll open a console. Click 
on the "Cheats" icon from there and then you can enter the following cheats
 for the corresponding effects.

Code              Effect
God             = God Mode
+AP             = Additional action points
+HP             = Additional health
-AP             = Fewer action points
-HP             = Less health
+2k             = Add +2 karma points
warp            = Unknown
clr             = Modify character skin tone
+¥              = Add 500 currency
-¥              = Subtract 500 currency
mov(percentage) = Increase/decrease your running speed by amount specified, 
                  outside of combat
all(percentage) = Increase/decrease movement speed for everything in the 
                  game by amount specified

Use the indicated passcodes at the listed locations:

Location	Passcode	
-=Walled City		
Location                               Passcode
Smuggler's Den                       - 5465
Strangler Bao                        - 6378
-=Repulse Bay Hotel		
Location                               Passcode
Penthouse apartment #2, Neville Ma   - 1635
-=Emperor's Museum		
Location                               Passcode
System password                      - Tennyson
Bookself                             - Tennyson
-=Misdirection - Ares mission		
Location                               Passcode
Taylor's door                        - 98144
Hardingham's door                    - 23847

-=Bad Qi		
Location                               Passcode
Mainframe                            - 8484
-=The Extraction		
Location                               Passcode
Locked Emporium door                 - 00006
Mistress's front door                - 112798
-=Prosperity Tower		
Location                               Passcode
Floor B3 uniform locker              - 2627
Floor B3 first aid station           - 4990
Special Projects device operations   - Prodigal
Floor 49 containment door            - 1915
Equipment room                       - 8974
Floor 12 access code, part 1         - 44526
Floor 12 access code, part 2         - 25301

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