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  Hints and Tips for: Shivers 
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 Shivers Cheats


Globe Puzzle:
The map on the wall of the Museum Office has the required longitude and latitude
circled. It is also possible to work out the solution from the diagram painted 
on the floor of the Mysteries of the Deep Room. (I clean forgot about the office
map.) In the base of the plinth, is a set of museum blueprints and hopefully, a 
pot/cover. N20 by W75

Sirens/Organ Puzzle:
In the Mysteries of the Deep Room, view the Siren display description and press 
the button to see the musical scale. Starting from the lower left,  assign each 
row a number from bottom to top. (1 to 7). Then just give each note a line number
working from left to right. Move over to the organ and play: 1-6-5-1-6-5-7-4-2-1,
on the clams.

Movable Wall:
Look at the short movie in the Projection Room for the sequence to follow to open
the door. There are nine movable blocks on the door. Count from the top left corner,
left to right. 6 - 1 - 9 - 3 - 4 then 6 - 4. Welcome to the maze.

Drawer Puzzle:
Look at the drawing on the Workshop table for the bone fragment numbers. Then open
the drawers that are not listed on the drawing.

Addendum: Additional Metal Ixupi locations:
In addition to the location mentioned in the strategy guide, the Metal Ixupi may 
also be found in the suit of armor in the bedroom/study. A Metal Ixupi can be in 
the projection room, the suit of armor in the bedroom/study, or the unicorn in 
the room with the weird animals.

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