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  Hints and Tips for: Siege of Avalon 
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 Siege of Avalon Cheats

Siege of Avalon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Hex Cheat:
Using Hex Workshop 3.1, target file: save.idx. When you open the saved game
the program will show you to the left the character stats. The address to 
start is 00001fee. To add 99 to constitution for example, the hex numbers 
are 3939.

The Undead Character: Mage:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

At the first create character screen you must be cautious. You are provided 
with three characters (WARRIOR, SCOUT&MAGE). Don't try to select a scout or 
a warrior if you want to win the game. Select a mage and continue your quest. 
You will be given a quest to find the healing herb in the village courtyard. 
After completing the quest return to the village you will find many Sha-ahoul 
scouts and warriors. Defeat them by the electric charge spell, then go to dead 
corpse and retrieve all their items and wear it. Try to search for a tower 
shield (vital). After you are fully equipped you don't have the ability to 
die (it really me). This does not work out with either a 
scout or a warrior. If more doubts persists, Mail me.

Easy money -1:
At the beginning of the game, instead of taking the commission letter to the 
armory or weaponry to get the weapon, sell it. You will get a lot of crowns 
for it.

Easy money -2:
Note: This procedure involves editing game files; create a backup copy of the 
files before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "merchant.pox " files in 
the game folder. There are six of them, plus the ones with the merchant's names.
Set the "buydiscount" amount to about "2000.00" and set the "sellmarkup" amount 
to "0.00". 

Impervious to damage:
Press D during game play to make your character impervious to damage.

The Three Stooges reference:
You can find The Three Stooges in the game. Moe and Curley are located in the 
outer keep level one, in the infirmary. Larry is located in the inner keep level 
two, behind the locked door. Talk to Sir Roth about getting the key after you 
find the door.

Gain new items:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "items.db" file in the 
"/digital tome/siege of avalon/artlib/resources/database" directory. Find the 
desired item. To get the item, go into the conversations folder (in the resources
directory). Go into one of the people near you, and look for the heading [Intro] 
and place the "script=..." line under it. Do not replace any other line. 

Type the following: 
script=player.additem(internal name) 

Internal name is the name that appears in the item document (YellowVest, etc.). 
To get training points, do the same thing but type: 

Replace  with a value up to 9999. Do not go over 9999. The following 
guideline is recommended. Do not add more than 50 points to any one stat. Set 
 to 50, put it all into one stat, then talk to the person again until 
you have upgraded all stats. Once you complete a chapter, do this again. 
You may have to find a new character nearest yourself. 
After the internal name of the item, there are spaces created by vertical lines 
(for example, Yellow Vest|'A'||...|'Z'|[Chest1][Chest2][Chest3]) There are, or 
should be, 59 spaces. Start with the one marked 'A' in the example, and end 
with 'Z'. ('A' is 1, 'Z' is 59.). The following is what each line effects: 

1: Piercing Damage A*
2: Crushing Damage A
3: Cutting Damage A
4: Heat Damage A
5: Cold Damage A
6: Electric Damage A
7: Poison Damage A
8: Magic Damage A
9: Mental Damage A
10: Stun Damage A
11: Special Damage A
12: Piercing Damage B**
13: Crushing Damage B
14: Cutting Damage B
15: Heat Damage B
16: Cold Damage B
17: Electric Damage B
18: Poison Damage B
19: Magic Damage B
20: Mental Damage B
21: Stun Damage B
22: Special Damage B
23: Piercing Invincibility
24: Crushing Invincibility
25: Cutting Invincibility
26: Heat Invincibility
27: Cold Invincibility
28: Electric Invincibility
29: Poison Invincibility
30: Magic Invincibility
31: Mental Invincibility
32: Stun Invincibility
33: Piercing Resistance
34: Crushing Resistance
35: Cutting Resistance
36: Heat Resistance
37: Cold Resistance
38: Electric Resistance
39: Poison Resistance
40: Magic Resistance
41: Mental Resistance
42: Stun Resistance
43: Strength
44: Coordination
45: Constitution
46: Mystacism
47: Combat
48: Stealth 
49: Restriction
50: Attack Recovery
51: Hit Recovery
52: Perception
53: Charm
54: Healing Rate
55: Recharge Rate
56: Hit Points
57: Mana
58: Attack
59: Defense 

Note: The damage A column is the minimum damage the item will inflict. The damage 
B column is the maximum damage the item will inflict. All items can be edited this 
way. Setting minimum damage above maximum damage is not recommended Also, to get 
more money (Crowns), there is a space immediately after the item description. This
is the items selling price. Selling it to someone lowers the price by some amount
calculated by charm or something else. A 99 Crown vest will sell for 88 with a 
charm of 18.

Invincible mage:
Select the mage when choosing character at the start of the game. You will be 
given a quest to find a healing herb in the village courtyard. Complete the quest 
return to the village. Kill the Sha-ahoul scouts and warriors with the Electric 
Charge spell. Go to one of the corpses, get all of its items and equip them. A tower 
shield must be one of the items picked up. After you are fully equipped, you cannot 

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