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  Hints and Tips for: SimCoaster 
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 SimCoaster Cheats


Submitted by: arjun singhal

Go to the folder in which your game is installed.Then open folder named "Data". 
Then open the file name challenges.sam using notepad. there you will see the 
challenges you ussually get. In each challenge there would be writen 
sharepriceeffectloss make it o & to sharepriceeffectwon make it whatever you want.
By doing so if you loss the challenge there will be no loss to your shares & if 
you win you will get your wish shares.

if theres any problem mail me at ,while leaving a 
messaga "problem in cheat sim coaster

Modify Starting Cash:
Submitted by: rickHH

Go into the folder where SimCoaster is installed. Go to the \data\levels sub-folder 
and find the standard.sam file You should back up the file before making changes to it. 
Open standard.sam with a text editor. Find the following line, in the "Money Things" 
part of the file: 

BankAccountInfo.InitialCash 50000 

Change the 50000 to your chosen value ( like 500 000 for example) . ...and Save the file. 
When you start your next game, you should start with the amount of money you entered.

Polar Zone:
Play the Land of Invention, and beat the first objective. After a little more 
gameplay, the president will grant you the ability to open the Polar Zone theme park.
Arabian Knights:
Play the Polar Zone, and beat a few of the objectives. The president will inform you 
that Arabian Knights will soon be open for you, but you must complete a few more 
objectives. You must have your staff trained for some of the objectives.

Golden Tickets:
Certain people will offer you challenges and if you win, you will earn two golden tickets! 

Earn Training Room:
Beat the first objective in Land of Invention and you will be able to build a traning 
center where you can train your staff. 

Earn Research Lab:
Beat the first objective in Land of Invention as well. You will be able to hire scientists 
and research new things for your park.

Easy tickets:
Build a ride, then block it off with plants. None of the visitors will leave.

Easy money:
Build a food shop, then put a ride or sideshow next to it. A lot of people should come to 
the food shop. When they leave, they should buy something.

Go to gates:
In the top-right corner there is a compass. Click on it and you will go to the gates.

Visitor status:
Press V to see how the visitors are doing.

Glitch: Misspelling:
When you get to operation "Onwards", you will get a message stating that you won the objective 
and president will talk. The phrase "Land of Invention" is instead spelled "Land ofI nvention".


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