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  Hints and Tips for: SimTower 
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 SimTower Cheats


Big Lobby:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Before you place anything hold down SHIFT-CTRL-ALT and place a lobby. A 3 story
lobby should appear. If not, then you may have to drag upward. 

To start off with double the money:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Simply build one section of lobby at the bottom left corner. You will get $4,000,000, 
instead of $2,000,000.

Submitted by: Logan

If your Condo is for sale, to make them bye it again, go down to the lowest price 
then go back to the highest price again and they will bye it again!

Submitted by: Cheko

Before building anything. Select the "Lobby" button and click and the far left
bottom of the screen. This will give you 2 times as much money to build with.

To get a three story lobby and double you starting funds - Before you build 
anything, hold ctrl+shift and click the lobby tool in the far lower left corner
of the screen and then build a lobby while your still holding the keys. At the 
moment you start a new tower, you can DOUBLE your starting money by placing a
section of lobby at the lower left corner of the building ground. Build a new 
tower, and click the bottom left corner. This will give you a lot of money!

Cheat 2:
This only works for the win95 version.

Exit windows and go into your C: prompt Go into your simtower directory.
At your simtower prompt type:

Debug [name of saved tower].tdt
-e 102 5
-e 106 ff

Return to windows, load the tower you just modified, and now you have over
$16 Billions and five stars.

Build three-story lobby and get $4 million: 
Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and click on "Lobby". Attempt to build it on the bottom 
left corner of the screen under ground, then keep holding [Ctrl] + [Shift] and
build a lobby at any location.

Automatic removal:
Hold [Shift] when placing a new unit over an existing item. 

Extra money:
Use the magnifying glass to click on the condo that is marked "For Sale". A 
message similar to "The conditions are terrible" will appear.. Click on the 
current price, and lower it to $4,000. The comments will disappear, but do not
exit. Immediately after the price has been lowered, increase it to $20,000. 
Note: This trick can also be used with other rooms, such as offices, hotel 
rooms, and the small retail shops.

More money:
If you have an office building, place a restaurant on the second basement floor. 
It will be a guaranteed source of income, and will earn more as your building gets 
bigger. Note: Only place one restaurant at that location.

More people:
When you get three stars, place a lot of hotel rooms. Do not place suites. Place a 
good security system and a good housecleaning system. Minimize the game, but do not 
pause it. Mute the sound, and turn off your monitor and allow the game to run 
overnight. The game will automatically look for bombs call the fire rescue crew. 
When bombs are searched for, hotel sims do not check out, so they are added as 
permanent population. Nothing bad will happen if you planned it correctly. You may 
place a suite when you have the desired population.

Santa Claus:
Set the system date to December 25. Begin the game and Santa Claus and his sled 
will eventually fly over.

Set the system date to October 31. Begin the game and a witch on a broom will 
eventually fly over. 

Restore terrible condos:
When people leave condos because of terrible conditions, get the magnifying glass, 
click on the condo, take the price down to $40,000. The terrible conditions comment 
should disappear, and you can raise and re-sell it at a normal price.

Never have people leave:
Lower the condo prices to $40,000 and the people will never leave. 

Determining elevator use:
Use the following trick to tell if Sims are waiting to go up or down on an elevator.
Remember the mnemonic "LARD". People waiting to the "L"eft of the elevator are 
"A"scending, while those waiting to the "R"ight of the shaft are "D"escending. 
Note: This only works if you have elevators positioned so that Sims can go on either 
side of the elevator. If you have elevators on the edges of your tower, you will only 
see them on one side.

Sim stress levels:
If you have a lot of offices and not enough elevators, you may see Sims that are 
waiting for an elevator turn pink after a few seconds, then red. This is their 
stress level and it also affects the population of your tower. Make sure to put 
in a lot of elevators for a big building, and try to put in a couple of stairs.

Tower tips:
Try the following strategies.

* The metro station requires a subway tunnel running the entire length of the landform
on B10. If you build anything on B10 except the Metro Station, you will not be able to
place it. Even if you bulldoze things that were placed on B-10, the floor section will
remain, and even the smallest floor section will block the Metro tunnel. 
The only exception to this is the "lots of money" cheat and the elevator mechanisms 
that "hang down" from elevators which terminate on floor B9. 

* Contrary to the manual, you do not have to bring all service elevators to the 
recycling center. It would be impossible since service elevators can only go 30 floors. 

* Just like real-life towers in real cities, you will find that stores, theaters and 
other commercial establishments usually do well in the basement. But they also bring 
in a lot of traffic from outside. In order to keep your "permanent" population upstairs
happy, you may need to have elevator service that services only the basement levels 
and the floor 1 lobby. 

* If you build a regular elevator that passes through a recycling center, you may 
occasionally see people get on and off in mid-air on the upper floor of the recycling

* One successful strategy is to keep offices and condos totally separated by building
entire floors of offices and entire floors of condos. You might want to mix fast food
joints with offices on the floor just above each lobby and put all your stores, movie
theaters, etc. in the basement levels. 

* How can you tell if SimCitizens are waiting to go up or down an elevator? Remember 
the mnemonic LARD. People waiting to the "L"eft of the elevator are "A"scending, while
those waiting to the "R"ight of the shaft are "D"escending. 

* To key having a good tower is to not place any condos. Only put offices you get the
second star. After that, put in hotels and offices. If desired, you can now put in a 
fast food place and make money until you get a third star. Then, put in a recycling 
center and a large parking lot. You are now ready to put in a movie theater, stores,
and a party hall. When you run out of room do not think you can go any higher, put 
in an elevator on the 15th floor, then the 30th floor. By doing this, you can have an
104 story tower.

Good money:
Submitted by: k6ka

* when starting your tower, go all the way to the bottom-left corner of the map, select 
  the Lobby and attempt to build it at the very far bottom-left corner. this will double 
  your starting funds.

* Build a lobby, an elevator, and some offices. wait until they pay the rent and increase 
  your tower's height by building more offices on upper floors. you may want to build a 
  few condos if you like, but the profit is only one-time.

* When you get two stars, build a security office in the basement level (As well as a 
  fast food place), then go up and build new floors with ONLY hotel rooms and housekeeping 
  stations. if you are building hotel rooms on more than one floor, build a service elevator 
  for your housekeepers. build lots of hotel rooms (But watch your cash!) and let them run. 
  they will give you profit in the morning when the sims check out. be sure to build more 
  housekeeping offices when you get more hotel rooms; if they stay dirty too long the 
  cockroaches will pay them a visit and you'll need to destroy the room.

* when you get to three stars, build parking spaces and a medical center near the lobby. 
  then build retail stores, a movie theater, and a party hall. they'll make good money 
  if you feed them with happy sims. also, manage your elevator system wisely and build a 
  hotel suite. give the VIP (who will come around soon enough)an enjoyable stay!

* Got four stars? build a metro station to get more people into your shops, fast food, 
  restaurants, movie theaters, and party halls!made 5 stars and got the 100-story building? 
  build a Catherdral at the top of your building. make sure it's accessible. then get a 
  population of 15,000 and make it to Tower rating!

Extra money:
Build an elevator in the middle of your tower, then stretch it to the B3 floor. Place 
fast food facilities on both sides of the elevator. This will result in $200,000.

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