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  Hints and Tips for: Sinjid Battle Arena 
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 Sinjid Battle Arena Cheats

Sinjid Battle Arena

Submitted by: RM

Skill points:
Go to the man who gives you the moon ring, go to the moon and press space.
you have an extra skill point! Save the game, refresh, start a new game, 
go into a battle, lose, press "load game" and go to the man who gives you
the moon ring, go to the moon and press space. You have an extra skill 
point! Keep repeating for skill points galore.

Codes - 10000000:
-At the cheat guy where you do the "thebestdress" cheat save ur game
-Go to the menu
-Load ur old game and do "thebestdress" over and over again each time 
 gaining 1000hp if u have patience you can get over 1 million hp.

Shadow Warrior:
Only for Windows XP Right Click and press Foward and keep doing it until
herb seller and the girl who make potions out of herbs are in the same 
room and then just keep doing that and get unlimited Munney.

Extra HP:
Save the game at the old man with orange robes that gives you the free 
armor. Die, load your saved game and enable the thebestdress code at the 
old man. You will gain 1,000 HP each time this is done. 

Enemy dosent attack as much:
Before you start the game on the main menu go o options and click ease
up on to make the oponent some times not attack.

Free armor:
Type in "thebestdress" at the old man with orange robes.

Submitted by: attack cheat 

Go the the guy that u can buy weps and stuff and go to cheats and type in
thebestdress no spaces though and ull have 1000hp if u want more hp save
then restart then load then keep doing wat i told u.

One hit kill attack:
To counter the reapers one hit kill you must use a eng. blast or shurinkens 
then the reaper will cuse damege (shuinken only) and go back to its position.

Unlimited XP and Gold:
If you have Windows XP, go into the Human Portal and begin a battle. Before
doing anything, right click in the game window and select forward. The enemy 
will change. Keep repeating this until the enemy becomes a Training Ward. 
Forward twice, and it'll become a bug but still be called Training Ward. 
Right click and forward again and another bug will appear named Other thing.
Press forward again and the screen will turn black. Do it one more time and 
you'll gain experience and be the battle. You will also (most likely) receive
a Fallen Sheild or a Fallen Sword, which you can sell for 130-140 gold. Repeat
as many times as necessary. When you complete the Human Portal, Go to the 
Training Portal. Select Hard. This time, you have to press forward a lot less,
but won't get the items. You will get experience, though.

Submitted by: talon

Go the the guy with the red cheat box (where you type in thebestdress for 
1000hp) And type in asfastasfastcanbe.

Submitted by: nikolaj

Do u Guys dont now what a cheat is now listen carefully go to the password man
and first type in thebestdress after that go and save u game than load it again
and type in the password frame betweennthmeandyoulvido after u typed that in you
must click on load game the u get 1125hp and 445mp if this does not work than 
they are having game problems good luck with it.

Defeat hardest guy:
The grim reaper seems impossible the first time you fight him untill you realise
that his attack that can do tons of damage CANNOT KILL YOU. no matter what, you 
can have 10 health, he cannot kill you. the easiest way to beat him then is to 
attack him each time that you have more than 25 hp, the set amount of damage that
his other attack will do. Whenever you drop below 25 hp, use a health potion and
this way you will never die. I did this with 30 health potions and it was the 
easiest battle ever.

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