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  Hints and Tips for: Slave RPG 
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 Slave RPG Cheats

Slave RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Characters:
The names of the secret characters used in character creation to use 
the characters in game.

-=Names and descriptions=-
Name: Arizona
Race: Human
Class: The Ranger
Specialty: Carried ammo in player inventory will weigh less

Name: Candy
Race: Human
Class: The Harlot
Specialty: Higher starting charisma

Name: Chance Graham
Race: Human
Class: The Insomniac
Specialty: Higher starting defense

Name: Isaac
Race: Human
Class: The Child
Specialty: Starting level cap is halved but a higher chance to get loot

Name: James Baley
Race: Human
Class: The Damned
Specialty: Higher starting endurance

Name: Mackenzie Redmon
Race: Human
Class: Survivor
Specialty: Higher starting attack

Name: Max
Race: Human
Class: The Savior
Specialty: Carried ammo in player inventory will weigh less

Name: Melone
Race: Human
Class: The Poet
Specialty: Higher starting charisma

Name: Messenger
Race: Cyborg
Class: The Joker
Specialty: Carried ammo in player inventory will weigh less

Name: Teo Diamond / Teo
Race: Canine
Class: The Mutt
Specialty: Bark

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