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  Hints and Tips for: Sniper Elite 3 
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 Sniper Elite 3 Cheats

Sniper Elite 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite XP:
Load Mission 5: Siwa Oasis, equip the Panzerschreck RPG, and select any difficulty except
Authentic. The Authentic difficulty does not feature in-game saves, which will prevent you
from using this exploit. Skip the cutscene so the personnel truck is in range of your RPG.
When the mission begins, run into the field, pause the game, and select the "Save Game" 
option. Then, destroy the personnel truck, pause the game, and select the "Load Last Save" 
option. Keep destroying the personnel truck to get 100 XP approximately every four seconds.
Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                      How to unlock
A few of my favorite things    - Get a kill with each offensive item
A shot in the dark             - Complete all the long shots
Advantage: Sniper              - Get 30 kills from sniper nests
An ode to Rube Goldberg        - Get 20 chain reaction explosive kills
Archivist                      - Find all the war diaries
Casual Reader                  - Find half of the war diaries
Charlie's Challenge            - Get a testicle-shot from over 100m away
Competitive streak             - Play 10 competitive multiplayer matches
Conserving oxygen              - Hold breath for one hour
Convenience is key             - Kill the target by shooting nearby explosive barrels
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte  - Complete Mission 6
Dedicated soldier              - Complete 100% of the campaign on any difficulty
Definitely no "90-day wonder"  - Attain a rank of Sergeant (level 11)
Demolition Man                 - Complete Mission 7
Double tap                     - Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds 
                                 (Mission 6)
Double the distance            - Snipe enemies over a cumulative distance of a double marathon
Elite fan                      - Own Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite 3
End of the 'lein'              - Find and kill the visiting General (Mission 3)
Fast-moving target             - Shoot the target in his car
Ghost of Tobruk                - Clear the mountain pass without alerting the enemy (Mission 1)
Grenadier                      - Kill the target with a grenade
Hard as nails                  - Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty
Herr Charles                   - Kill the officer at the meeting with a testicle shot
Hidden and dangerous           - Complete a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk)
Highly decorated               - Earn 1 of every ribbon in competitive multiplayer
I Fort this would be difficult - Get to the informant without being spotted (Mission 4)
I Siwa you did there           - Make the target officer's death look like an accident (Mission 5)
In the middle                  - Kill the target with a chain reaction
In the nick of time            - Complete Mission 5
Indestructible                 - Complete a mission after losing over 500 units of health
Long way down                  - Throw an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8)
Make it go boom                - Kill 20 enemies by shooting explosives
Nesting instinct               - Find all the Sniper nests
No escape                      - Kill the target in the vehicle by shooting its weakspot
No refuge                      - Complete Mission 4
Nothing is optional            - Complete all the optional objectives
Officer material               - Attain a rank of Second Lieutenant (level 31)
Oscar Mike                     - Relocate 100 times
Pest Control Specialist        - Complete Mission 8
Prepared for any eventuality   - Create and save 4 loadouts
Regular soldier                - Complete the game on Marksman difficulty
Saved by the bell              - Crush the target with a bell
Sniping with friends           - Complete the campaign in co-op
Sweating bullets               - Shoot and kill the target
Tactical distractor            - Distract 20 enemies with flint or rocks
Tagged                         - Tag 100 enemies or vehicles
The Everyman                   - Complete all the challenge missions
The gathering                  - Find all the collectible cards
The Gazala Gallop              - Complete Mission 1
This is my rifle               - Customize 1 rifle
Threat assessment              - Observe the target and correctly choose to leave or kill
Three birds, one stone         - Destroy all 3 bomb dumps at the same time (Mission 7)
Through the fire               - Complete Mission 3
Through the looking glass      - Kill 10 snipers before they see/shoot you
Time to reload                 - Complete the game on Cadet difficulty
True sniper                    - Complete the game on Authentic difficulty
Wait for it                    - Kill 10 enemies with flint-triggered detonations
Well, well, well               - Hide a body in each of the wells in Gaberoun (Mission 2)
Wonderwall                     - Complete Mission 2
You'll try anything once       - Play 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive 
And stay dead!                 - Kill the target in 7 different ways

How to Complete a Mission Without Being Seen:
To unlock the “Hidden and Dangerous” achievement/ trophy, you’ll need to sneak through one 
complete mission without being spotted by an enemy. It cannot be completed on “Siege of Tobruk” 
so start on “Gaberoun” instead. This challenge can be completed on any difficulty. Make it easier
by selecting “Cadet” difficulty when you start the mission. Be sure to bring the Welrod Silenced 
Pistol, Landmines and Grenades.

Ambush the General & Escape:
With all the officers killed, the General will arrive in an armored vehicle down the road. If 
you’ve been following this guide, you should’ve placed two mines on the road already. All you have
to do is wait and the General’s half-track will drive over your mines and explore. Now you can 
leave through the cleared gate to the right of the temple. If you managed to get through the stage
unseen, you’ll earn the achievement / trophy.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ribbon in competitive multiplayer mode.
Note: Earning them all unlocks the "Highly decorated" achievement or trophy. 

* Kill 5 enemies while aiming down the sights of a rifle.
* kill 3 enemies with traps.
* Get 3 testicle shots.
* Kill an enemy by shooting TNT or a mine.
* Kill 3 enemies over 150 away while scoped.
* Get the match-winning shot.
* Kill 5 enemies with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
* Get 3 tag assists.
* Kill 5 enemies without dying.
* Kill 3 enemies with grenades.
* Kill a sprinting target while scoped.
* Kill 7 enemies with an SMG or a Pistol.
* Complete a match without dying.
* Kill 5 enemies while in empty lung.
* Have the longest shot in a match.
* Get 5 headshots.
* Kill 5 enemies with a bolt-action sniper rifle. 
* Perform 3 consecutive Kill Streaks without dying.

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