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  Hints and Tips for: Soda Dungeon 2 
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 Soda Dungeon 2 Cheats

Soda Dungeon 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips and Tricks:
Mystics are the only class with innate mp regeneration, meaning even before they 
unlock their level 25 skill they have essentially unlimited mp. Give them a heal 
stone and you have a mini-nurse that can heal all trip long.

Boss fights all essentially boil down to ‘Have enough HP and damage reduction to 
survive the boss’ attacks, then heal up to full after each attack’. Simple enough 

When using Nurses, dodge gear can speed up teams by reducing how much healing the 
nurses have to do. Damage reduction doesn’t really have the same effect, as the 
Nurses will usually trigger a heal regardless of how much damage is done, but DR 
gear means you don’t need as much HP to survive a hit.

When close to a mastery milestone (25 or 50) you can do a quick run starting at 
level 1, equipping the team with Phantasmal Claws and any Triangle gems you have. 
This is the fastest way to earn Mastery XP.

Blademasters are not as terrible as you might think, but their real advantage is 
having the second weapon slot. This lets them equip double Skull Swords for very 
high damage resistance or double Sabers for the highest dodge rates possible. 
At low levels they may also deal a bit more damage due to having the extra attack 
from holding a second weapon.

Mining is not often advised. If you just need a handful of metals, you can often 
get it just by turning on mineshafts in your key settings. If you do want to do 
some mining, consider bringing a Huntress along in your team of Miners and taking 
all the unmarked portals. You’ll get a decent amount of Mineshafts which yield 
plenty of ore.

Single Nurse teams are vulnerable to damage done to the Nurse, especially poison, 
when running without Group Heal or after it becomes less useful due to not scaling. 
In those scenarios, dodge and resist gear equipped on the nurse can really help 
her stay alive.

Always buy all the iron ore and blue crystals you can afford after your runs. You 
will get to keep a portion of these when moving to a new dimension based on your 
blacksmith upgrades, and starting a new dimension with these resources can really 
help. You can start out with iron crafted gear, and you can sell the blue crystals 
for more gold or use them for leveling up the iron gear.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by silverwind

Im a vetran of soda dungeon 1, and ive gotten pretty far in this game. 
maybe this will help someone.

-=The Basic Tips and Tricks=-
First off, I'm a veteran of Soda Dungeon 1. And I'm on dungeon 6 going on 7 in 
this game I figured id leave some things ive learned about the game here to help 
new people.

1) The healing fearie is random. you either get a good or bad result 50/50% of the 
time. some have reported worse. The work around to his is when you get the portals. 
the ??? ones are always random. but the key ones are pre-set, and you will always 
gonna know what you get. and if you use a key to unlock a healing fearie its 100% 
garunted to give a full HP/MP heal. there is also an option before you set out to 
set a marco sytem for keys if you have them, so if you gridn auto you can set it 
to always keep 1 key for healing fearie unlocks to heal, at what health % to use 
it, and you cna lso set up the auto grind to use them for mineshafts if you have 
more then 1.

2) Dont worry about upgradeing gear levels on the first 100 dungeon run. Ibeat it 
pretty easy without this. If your having issues try unlocking a different class, 
different gear, or mixing things up.

3) Relc choices after each dungeon clear.... this is a huge debate, but really there 
isnt a wrong choice. Damage will help you zoom but at the cost of low HP and heals.
HP will make you tank y bu slow to grind... You get the idea. but there really isnt 
a bad choice. youll get them all anyway. chose what feels right for you.

4) Quests are failable. but there is an achievement for this. but failure is hard 
to do. I somehow got the achievement cause i think i failed a quest around dungeon 
400.... the quest description and tasks where dont be a stupid idiot. Sent formt 
he boss himself. but... it dosent really tell you how or when to complete it. 
maybe i missed something. But overall faling quests are hard. and most carry 
over to new dungeons.

5) Dont be afraid to grind for better loot and money at anytime you feel stuck, 
and espesaily escensce to improve your relics. you wont need to start doing this 
to about dungeon 300 or so and onward. keep any monney find or item find gear or 
accessories you can find to equip them since your not going for progress. this 
is also a good itme to level a class to towards 50 to get the class relic to 
power them up till you have them all. ive heard many say get rougues for this 
and healers... i dont think there a wrong way to grind honestly class wise. i 
personally just used sodas junkies tilli found everything neaded since there 
free and left the game idle. which BTW theres an option neaded to be enabled 
in the settings menu for this. your welcome. cause that confused me for some 
time. and of course one a calss hits level 50 ill swap out for anew set, but 
still might use the others for support. i guess my point here is dont waste XP 
grinding opportunities here.

6) When you come to the point your trying to unlock things and do gold and 
esscence runs, once again there is no wrong way to go about things. but if you 
wanna speed things up and are a bit impatient. put all escense toward the gold 
find relic. Dont really worry bout the other ones less ya have leftovers. the 
extra gold will come in clench in unlocking expensive things. As for upgrades 
you need to start putting money towards the gnomes. Just beign able to find extre 
essence int he dungeon per run will save you a ton of grinding in the long run.

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