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  Hints and Tips for: Soldier of Fortune 
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 Soldier of Fortune Cheats

Soldier of Fortune

Cheat Codes:
Update by: addie
Submitted by: Guntur Wibowo

Cheat mode:
Enter these at the console. To get the console, right-click on "sof.exe" in your
demo directory and choose "Create shortcut" and then right-click on the shortcut
you've created and choose "Properties". 

Change the command line to add this: +set console 1

It should look something like this when finished:
"c:\....\SOF\sof.exe" +set console 1 

Bring up the console by pressing "~":

Code              Result 
heretic         - God Mode 
phantom         - Walk Through Walls 
ninja           - Enemies Don't See You 
defaultweapons  - Give Default Weapons 
elbow           - Give Weapons 1-5 
bigelbow        - Give Weapons 6-10 
matrix #        - Timescale (replace # with 1-10) 
gimme X         - Spawn Object/Item X 
updateinvfinal  - Gives More Ammo 
killallmonsters - Kills All Enemies 
map X           - Goto Level X (See Below) 
kill            - Suicide 
lvp             - +levelup
putaway         - ? 
destroyents     - ? 

Item names:
Use the following steps to view all items names that can 
be used with gimme code. Enter developer 1 at the console 
window, then enter entlist to display a list of items and 
objects that can be used with the "Spawn indicated object" 
code. Some names include the following: 


Level Names:
Use one of the following level names with the map code.
(use with map X cheat):

Name    Level	
trs1	- New York
trn1	- South Africa
arn1	- Shop
kos1	- Kosovo (Tunnel system)
kos2	- Kosovo (Town)
kos3	- Kosovo (Helipad)
sib1	- Siberia (Snow)
sib2	- Siberia (Fortress)
sib3	- Siberia (Rocket launching site)
irq1a	- Baghdad (Town)
irq2a	- Baghdad (Warehouse)
irq3a	- Baghdad (Airport)
arn2	- Shop
nyc1	- New York (Warehouses)
nyc2	- New York (Tunnel system)
nyc3	- New York (Hotel)
sud1	- Sudan (Train station)
sud2	- Sudan (Slaughter house)
sud3 	- Sudan (Underground)
trm3	- Shop
jpn1	- Tokyo (Restaurant)
jpn2	- Tokyo (Sumi)
jpn3	- Tokyo (Penthouse)
irq1b	- Baghdad (Town)
irq2b	- Baghdad (Palace)
irq3b	- Basra
ger1	- Hanover (Fortress)
ger2	- Hanover (Secret doors)
ger3	- Hanover (Rocket launching site)
ger4	- End	

* Be stealthy! Crouch and lean whenever possible, and use that 
  sniper rifle to survey the area. 

* When entering an area heavily occupied by enemy forces, use a
  machine gun to spray and wound the bunch. Then swap to a handgun
  and pick them off. 

* Some weapons have secondary firing modes that vary in accuracy. 
  Take advantage of them. 

* Aim high or aim low; a shot to the head or groin will end any 
  terrorist confrontation. The first mission features a lot of 
  hostages, so don't get too itchy on the trigger finger. 

* Gun turrets can't see you if you're leaning out from a corner, 
  so pop your head out and pick them off. 

Soldier Of Fortune Demo:
Submitted by: Kuen-Whee Oh

Guardian Swat:
If You Runed Soldier Of Fortune Demo To Console Enable, 
You Can Use The Cheats.
In Console, Type 'spawn m_nyc_mswat'.
Then, Swat Is Summoned.

Other Characters:
m_nyc_mswatleader : Swat Leader
m_x_mmerc         : Hawk
m_x_mcharacter    : John

Item Console Code         : Item Name
item_weapon_pistol1       : 9mm Pistol
item_weapon_pistol2       : .44 Pistol
item_weapon_shotgun       : 12ga Shotgun
item_weapon_sniper_rifle  : 5.56 Sniper Rifle
item_weapon_assault_rifle : 5.56 SMG
item_weapon_rocketlauncher: AT-4 Rocket Launcher
Item_Equip_Armor          : Armor
Item_Equip_C4             : C4
Item_Equip_Flashpack      : Flashpack
Item_Equip_Grenade        : Grenade

Floating Explosions:
In order for this to work you must have at least 1 grenade though I would
prefer more so it looks cooler and be on the second level(Train). You 
should first start off by using the code to get your weapons as this would
help you get alot of grenades right off the bat. Anyhows you simply stand 
where you would like and you throw some grenades off the train. You will 
see them explode and the black burn mark that they leave, will be magically

Put dents in the air:
When in tutorial mode, go to the second target practice and shoot a pipe that
appears to be cut in half. Shoot at the black shadow and you will put dents 
in the air, and not the pipe. 

Saving ammunition:
Use your knife to collect more ammunition for the other guns. By doing this,
you can get full ammunition for every gun you have. If you are using a 
flamethrower in the later levels, use a short burst to conserve fuel. Use 
the magnum when low on gas canisters for the flamethrower. The rocket launcher
packs serious damage. Use the primary fire button to fire a single shot. 
Shooting multiple times is a waste of rockets. You can use this gun on single
armored foes or groups of enemies.

Using the reticle:
When fighting enemies, pay attention to the reticle. If it sights red, you 
can shoot safely. However, if it sights green or white, it indicates a hostage
or a person that is on your side. Do not shoot; pass them and leave them alone.
Some enemies can kill hostages if you are not careful. Do not worry about that,
as you cannot save them all.

Using the nightvision goggles:
You cannot shoot enemies in the dark. It is impossible to see them. Use your 
nightvision goggles to light up any enemies in your area. You can still use 
weapons. However, remember that the nightvison goggles have to be charged, or
wait awhile before they charge up.

Fly off the board:
Enable the phantom code then use the mouse to point up and go forward to fly
out of the board. The screen will be all orange, but you will see the other 
boards and be able to enter them, but not play them. You can shoot in them, 
but there will not be any opponents.

Kill the instructor and librarian:
Enable the bigelbow code when in the tutorial. Use the first weapon that appears 
to kill the instructor. Do the same thing on the second level and kill the librarian.
Note: Doing either of these will terminate the game and you will have to restart 
your computer.

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