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  Hints and Tips for: Sonic Forces 
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 Sonic Forces Cheats

Sonic Forces

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Be smart:
One of the best strategies to make those weapons you can fire in front 
of you actually hit something is to launch them when you both have an 
enemy in front as well as you’re on a lane that has coins in front.
 Most players will move to the lane to collect the coins for the speed 
boost and they might get in just in time to get hit by your missile. 
Perfect blindside.

Hints & Tips:
* In Normal mode, you will only lose a portion of your Rings when you 
  take a hit.
* When fighting Zavok, his descending attacks will cause you to jump, 
  so be ready to use the Homing Attack. Hitting the Jump button in 
  anticipation of his attack will just tire you out, and leave you in 
  a less than optimal position to follow through.
* If you’re uncertain how to dress your Avatar, try selecting Random. 
  Eventually you’ll find a look that you like.

Sonic's shoes:
Successfully complete the game by completing Stage 30 to unlock Sonic's 
shoes for avatars.

Creating additional avatars:
When starting a new game, you can only create one custom avatar for the 
campaign. Successfully complete the main story to unlock the option to 
create new avatars and switch between them at the avatar menu. 
Use this feature to complete animal-specific missions.

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