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  Hints and Tips for: SoulWorker 
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 SoulWorker Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Stella Unibell Skills Guide:
Written by MadLane

Stella skills and information about them for new players to help them understand the 
skills a little better.

-=Stella Info=-
Stella is a hybrid dps-support class that wields a Guitar, she summons Wolf Ghosts 
(also called Howlers). She is the only character with healing skills built into her 
kit of skills.

She is not a burst damage kind of character but she has great sustain, supports others 
and also has good Super Shield breaking so she is very desired for any party.

-=Passive Skills=-
Basic Attack: Stella dosen't use basic attack to regen soulforce(the mana in the game) 
so her basic attacks are not very strong but they are not useless, they can be good 
filler damage and with 2 points into it you get a Left-Left-Right combo that releases 
a fist from the ground to knock up enemies and airborn enemies take more damage so it's 
a good thing to use.

SoulStrike: Unique skill to Stella, by pressing RMB you can change stances, this is the 
source of Stella's SoulForce regeneration since she dosen't regen using basic attacks, 
each level of this increases your soulforce regen so max this as fast as possible. 
Stella has 2 stances: Offense and Support, indicated by the border around the hotbar, 
Purple with wolves = Offense, Red with balls = Support. Some skills have different 
functions when used in different stances.

Elusion: This is the life saving dash, by pressing Shift you can dash/dodge from enemy 
atacks. Each level reduces the cooldown, but doesn't reduce the stamina cost.

Shadow Roll: Press Shift to roll and get up when knocked down. Invincible while rolling. 
Leveling it up reduces the stamina cost but take notice that from level 2 to level 3 the 
animation get's faster and by that the time of invincibility also gets reduced.

Sprint: Speed is good the faster you are the more you dodge and kite monsters more 

Retaliation: Press LMB to attack and stand up when you are knockdown, at level 3 you 
get Exalted buff, which makes you invincible.

Whirl Jump: Press RMB while dashing to release an AoE attack that does damage. T
he damage is crap i don't recommend using a skillpoint on this.

Endure: Increases your stamina recovery rate by 10% per level, up to 50%.

Acoustic: Increases maximum SouForce, up to 20%. obviously this is a must.

-=Active Skills=-
Active Skills are the main skills you will use to do damage or support others, some 
have double effects depending on the stance(if attack or support) and also extension 
wich is basically a bonus upgrade.

Whirlwind: Spin like a beyblade and slam the ground, so this skill has low damage, bad 
Super Armor break, i would suggest leaving it at level 1. 

Howling Hunt: Small AoE attack around Stella, it has a long cast animation and short 
range(puts you into potential danger, so keep watch for that) the damage at max level 
+ extension is just a little better than the Left-Left-Right basic attack combo so not 
really worth it.

Extension Strike Storm: it just increases the number of hits but still dosen't solve the 
problems like range and AoE.

Phantom Trail: So this is one of those skills with double effect depending on the stance 
you are. Offense: Fires purple orbs that damage enemies. The best use for this skill is 
when it is used at point blank(shotgun style), forcing all orbs to hit the enemy immediately. 
Support: Fires red orbs that heal your teammates. They cannot heal yourself. This skill is 
slightly unreliable, so either use it point blank or a decent distance away so they can 
actually hit the target. Leveling this skill increases the damage but does not affect 
Support functionality.

Extension Attack Measure: With this Orbs will do more damage and have a big explosion 

Extension Reinforcer: Gives a defence buff to players when they are healed, max 400 
defense, this however dosen't scale so not worth it.

Rift Riff: Fires a cone of cracks along the ground that interrupts and staggers enemies, 
and then explodes to launch them in the air. Stella's best or one of the best monster 
grouping and damage skills, this skill should be maxed out ASAP.

Extension Strike Storm: Adds additional hits to Rift Riff, get ASAP because more damage 
is always good.

Howler Parade: Ride on some wolves that charge forward and push enemies back. The skill 
tooltip damage% is deceiving, as that's the damage if every hit of the move connects. 
I suggest using Rift Riff -> Howler Parade combo for leveling up to ensure maximum hits.

Orb Song: Strums the guitar to charge, up to 3 levels. Each tick of charging will create 
a small AoE that pushes enemies away.

Offense: Creates 3/5/7 slow moving purple orbs that deal damage to enemies.The best use 
comes from using it point blank so all the orbs are guaranteed to hit. However, since 
the cast time is long this skill is pretty dangerous to use.

Support: Creates 1/3/5 stationary red orbs that heal allies and grant a small attack 
and move speed buff. Each orb heals for 20% max HP, and charging the Support mode is 
quicker than the offense mode.

Leveling this skill up only increases the offensive capabilities (again Q_Q), so if 
you will only use this for healing, it's fine to leave it at level 1.

Extension Paralysis: Reduces damage of the orbs to in exchange increase the Super Armor 
break, paralysis and piercing, the damage is reduced way to much that the skill just 
becomes good for Super Armor breaking.

Extension Reinforcer: Increase attack buff but like Phantom it dosen't scale so it's 
useless for higher levels.

Sonic Pulse: Stand still and play the guitar while shooting out a lightning bolt that 
repeatedly damages enemies, releasing LMB will end the skill prematurely.

Offense: Deals damage and reduces movement speed of enemies. The damage is good, and 
the Super Armor break in this stance is also good. This skill becomes better when you 
have more Attack Speed.

Support: Deals reduced damage but steals HP from up to 3 enemies and shreds Super 
Armor while paralyzing enemies. This is one of Stella's best self healing abilities.

Extension Aura: Increases duration, not that good because standing still is the best 
way to end up dead.

Extension Rangefinder: Increases the range of the beam and hits more monsters, good 
as it provides more safety with its range.

Soul Cry: Crouch down and create an AoE effect that floats any enemies it hits. 
During this 1 second animation, you gain Exalted status so you are invincible. 
The damage is nothing special, but the Super Armor break is decent. Leveling up this 
skill reduces the cooldown drastically!!, but only at level 5. (Level 4, 50s cd.
 Level 5, 30s cd, yup goes from 50 to 30)

Spectral Pit: Creates a black hole in the aimed direction, sucking enemies in and 
then exploding. The suction range is deceptively small, and requires some practice 
aiming and since super and hard armoured enemies don't get pulled in the skill is
 more difficult on smaller bosses.

Extension Attack Measure: Increases damage and suction range, must have sicne it 
makes the skill a lot better

Spirit Storm: Press the hotkey when in the air to send out some howlers. They don't 
do much damage but have insane Super Armor breaking. Since this skill is similar to 
Howler Parade, it shares some of the issues like needing to full hit the enemy for 
max damage.

Spirit Swamp: Creates a pool in front of Stella. Cannot move, but the skill is 
dodge-cancellable at any time. You can aim the pool in any direction that you like 
Press LMB to cast long range howlers that suck enemies into the center of the pool. 
This attack hits multiple times for decent damage. Press RMB to cast howlers that
 knock up the enemies in the center of the pool. This attack hits once and hits very 
hard. A good combo would be to pull in enemies with LMB before bursting them with RMB.

Extension Aura: Increases duration by 1sec per level

Rhythm Keeper: Offense: Casts an AoE, and all allies in the AoE receive a buff that 
regenerates SoulForce every second (15%/s for 12s at max). Support: Casts an AoE that 
heals all allies. Ticks twice, healing up to 70% of max HP at max level. The AoE is 
actually a little small, and it can be difficult to land it on allies who are running 
around(support problems)

Bass Wave: Stella's "Ultimate Skill". It deals crazy amounts of damage.The skill grants 
invincibility, but it cannot be cancelled, except with the use of Supernova/Hysteria.

Chat Command:
Take a transparent picture (model) of yourself
the picture can be found here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\SoulWorker\TargetScreenShot

/Block Name
Block someone you donít like

/Invite Name
Invite someone to party

/Monsterstatus 1
Show monster HP number instead of bar

/Monsterstatus 0 Disable enemy HP

/Freecamera 1
Free your camera from character and move freely

Q & E to move up and down
Hold mouse right click and drag to look around
W, S, A, D to move around

/Freecamera 0 to return to normal state

How to reply to someone
If someone whispered you, just press Shift + R to instanly reply them

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