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  Hints and Tips for: Spear Of Destiny 
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 Spear Of Destiny Cheats

Spear Of Destiny

Cheat Codes:
Most of the "in game" word cheats that work on Wolfenstein 3d SHOULD work in this game.
I Know I+L+M does. (See Wolfenstein 3d...) To get an easier game why playing press 
TAB+G+F10 at the same time.

For cheats in Spear of Destiny sequel, load the game by typing "SPEAR DEBUGMODE". The 
same LEFT SHIFT+LEFT ALT+BCKSPCE combination invokes cheat mode, with the standard 
wolfenstein TAB cheat keys resulting.

Level select:
Start the game with the -tedlevel[mission number] command line parameter.

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the -debugmode command line parameter. Press [Left Shift] 
+ [Alt] + [Backspace] to enable debug mode. Enter one of the following codes 
to enable the corresponding cheat function.

Code         Effect
[Tab] + B  - Change border color
[Tab] + C  - Display number of items, doors, and actors
[Tab] + E  - Level skip
[Tab] + F  - Displays coordinates
[Tab] + G  - Toggle God mode
[Tab] + H  - Lose health
[Tab] + I  - Free items
[Tab] + M  - Display memory usage
[Tab] + N  - Walk through walls.
[Tab] + P  - Pause without message
[Tab] + Q  - Exit game
[Tab] + S  - Toggle slow motion
[Tab] + T  - View graphics and play sounds
[Tab] + V  - Add extra VBLs
[Tab] + W  - Level select
[Tab] + X  - Extra stuff

Full health, ammo, and weapons:
Hit M+I+L while playing the game to instantly get full health, the chaingun, 
and 99 ammo. Your score is set to 0, though.

Skip the Question(s) at the beginning of the game. If you don't have the booklet
that has the information required to answer the questions when you first load up
the game, you don't have to look up the answers online. Instead, all you have to
do is type "joshua" as your answer. No matter what the question is, if you type 
"joshua," it gives you a nice little message and let's you right into the game.

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