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  Hints and Tips for: Speed Kills 
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 Speed Kills Cheats

Speed Kills

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                     How to unlock
Back in Black                 - Win the same tournament twice.
Blizzard Beast                - Win a race on Void XIII on your debut.
Blood of My Enemies           - 1000 kills.
Breaking the Law              - Win 3 races in a row.
Bullet Ride                   - Win Navius Prime Championship on Marauder truck. You must 
                                drive Marauder on all of the tracks in this tournament.
Chaos B.C.                    - Win Angkor Championship on Lynx sportscar. You must drive 
                                Lynx on all of the tracks in this tournament.
Childslayer                   - Win a race on Navius Prime on Hound or Wolverine sportscar.
Crash & Burn                  - Explode while flying.
Damage Done                   - Kill somebody while using Double Damage power-up.
Dark Avenger                  - Kill all of your opponents in the race at least once.
Dead Men Tell No Tales        - 500 kills.
Demon Speeder                 - Use Nitro Boost 500 times.
Die for Metal                 - Collect $200 000.
Electric Funeral              - 50 respawns.
Erase & Rewind                - 25 restarts of the race.
Fast as a Shark               - Win a race with a gap of less than 1 second from the runner-up.
Ghost in the Ruins            - Fail a Division 3 times.
God of Thunder                - Win all of the races in a division.
Golden God                    - Win all of the championships: Gold on all of the planets.
Grinderman                    - Win the same tournament three times.
Hail and Kill                 - Win 50 races.
Harvester of Sorrow           - Collect 50 Ammo Clips on a track.
Hiking Metal Punks Forever    - Earn 1000 points.
Honey, What You Do for Money? - Collect $10000 in Money Pickups.
Iron Butterfly                - Buy an Antigrav.
Iron Fist                     - Win a tournament.
Itís a Long Way to the Top    - Get a promotion to Division A.
Jesus Built My Hotrod         - Win a race.
Kill with Power               - 100 kills.
King of Kings                 - Become a champion on Trantorus.
Kiss of Death                 - Get killed 100 times.
Leather Rebel                 - Pick up Speed Boost 100 times.
Machinehead                   - Maximum upgrade of all vehicles.
Massa Effect                  - Finish second 50 times.
Mega Therion                  - Win 10 races in a row.
Mighty Ravendark              - Win 10 races.
Minejumper                    - Get killed by a mine 20 times.
Motorbreath                   - Earn 500 points.
Paint It Black                - Repaint your car.
Poland Can into Space         - Fly out of the track 100 times.
Pour Some Sugar on Me         - Use oil 100 times.
Self-Medication               - Collect Repair Bonus power-up 50 times.
Space is Deep                 - Unlock all championships.
Strutter                      - Perform 10 Triple Kills.
The Great Destroyer           - Win a race with a gap of at lest 15 seconds from the runner-up.
True Metal of Steel           - Win Trantorus Championship on Viper or Razor antigrav. You must
                                drive Viper or Razor on all of the tracks in this tournament.
Warlord of the Road           - Buy all of the vehicles.
Warm Machine                  - Earn 100 points.
Wheels of Fire                - Maximum upgrade of any vehicle.

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