Speed Devils - Online Racing Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Speed Devils - Online Racing 
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 Speed Devils - Online Racing Cheats

Speed Devils - Online Racing

Nevada track:
On the first turn you will see a dirt road. Take it you will not
have to go around the bend.

Alpine track:
When you are about 50% through the lap, you will see pine trees to
the left and a hill straight ahead. Instead of going up the hill, 
turn left and go through the trees to enter a cave. When you get 
out of the cave, do not turn left on the road. Keep driving straight
and you will be in another shortcut - make sure you do not fall in 
the lake, or you will restart on the road. 

At the end of the lap, you will enter the city. Before you go past 
the front lift where the rocks are, turn directly left and you will
be on a shortcut. 
Note: It only appears at certain times.

Aspen Winter track:
During the race you will go around a bend, and to the left you will
see a frozen lake. Turn left, go across it, then go over the snow hill
to save about ten seconds of time.

Canada track:
At the first mill, the road will be off to the left in a bridge. Keep
right, hit the ramp, and go through the windmill to land back on the 

At the second mill, there will be boxes stacked to the left. Go behind
them and go up the ramp. Be sure you land on the logs after it - if you
do not, you will fall in water and restart on the road.

Hollywood track: 
After going under the T-Rex's legs in the road, keep straight, hit the
jump, then turn left and you will be back on course. Note: You could 
miss the jump and fall in water.
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