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  Hints and Tips for: Star Renegades 
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 Star Renegades Cheats

Star Renegades

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Unlimited Resources:
Written by CareFreeDanny03

Unlimited resources hack: how to modify SRRWSlot0.mdi file to get infinite resources.

-=File Path=-
The location of the file exists on the following path:

root drive:\Users\[user profile name]\Documents\Star Renegades
Note: basically its in my documents folder.

-=Actual Modification=-
Open the file with any text editor tool. Notepad++ is my go to editor.

Search the word resourceAmounts, and you should see an entry (which actually is an 
array data type, but will not go into cs mumbo jumbo for the sake of simplicity) 
something like this:


Modify the first four entries to any number of your liking. These correspond to DNA, 
hero currency (to unlock heroes), money (which is used to purchase equipments and weapons), 
and the currency which is used to obtain perks (the one you receive for defeating enemies, 
in red, don't know the name, sorry!).

Load up your save file, and you should have the resources.

Please note that every time you die, the file will add data of your current play with 
your previous play. so ensure that you are editing resourceAmounts of your current 

The file will continue to grow as many times as you die, so it may become quiet lengthy 
and may become a bit difficult to find the resourceAmounts of your current playthrough 
(which is usually right at the end).

-=Important Points to Take Care of=-
For this to work, you need to have atleast 1 unit of whatever resource you're trying to 
increase. Be it DNA, gold, or any other resources. This will not work if the resource 
you're trying to increase is not in your inventory

Please note that your dna and gold are reset to zero every time you die.

With that said, do not expect the game to become a cakewalk, even at max levels and 
unlimited resources, you will die if you strategy+hero combo sucks.

How to Transfer Your Save Files from Xbox Gamepass to Steam:
Written by DANW0LF

A guide on how to transfer your save from Xbox to Steam.

-=Transferring Save Files Guide=-
Copies the files from Xbox Game Pass Save File Location:


To Steam Save File Location:
\Documents\Star Renegades

There should only be four files:

* combatsave.mdi
* editorsave.mdi
* profile.mdi
* SRRWSlot0.mdi

By doing this you may have missed the trigger for many of the Steam Achievements to!

Hidden Character Unlocks Guide:
Written by DANW0LF

A guide on which pairs you need to unlock the hidden characters.

-=Character Unlocks=-
To unlock the hidden unique classes or alternate progenies, you need to fill the relationship 
meter to four hearts (soulmates). They will then be available to purchase in the quantum 
synthesizer by using your tech meta-currency.

-=Hidden Unique Classes=-
* Gunslinger [Commando + Saboteur]
* Juggernaut [Aegis + Enforcer]
* Spectre [Empath + Marksman]
* Varangian [Valkyrie + Archon]
* Paragon [Win-a-Run] Exception as not hidden at the start, just locked, until you've won a run.

-=Alternate Progenies=-
There are many, and most are still unknown. They are basically alternate art variations of 
their parents, but with slightly different stats and slightly varied skills. 

Below is a list of known parents that create two progenies.

* Aegis + Paragon
* Aegis + Saboteur
* Archon + Empath
* Commando + Empath
* Commando + Varangian
* Enforcer + Marksman
* Enforcer + Varangian
* Valkyrie + Gunslinger

Every hero can pair up with at least three other heroes to unlock alternate progenies.

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