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  Hints and Tips for: Star Renegades 
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 Star Renegades Cheats

Star Renegades

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Unlimited Resources:
Written by CareFreeDanny03

Unlimited resources hack: how to modify SRRWSlot0.mdi file to get infinite resources.

-=File Path=-
The location of the file exists on the following path:

root drive:\Users\[user profile name]\Documents\Star Renegades
Note: basically its in my documents folder.

-=Actual Modification=-
Open the file with any text editor tool. Notepad++ is my go to editor.

Search the word resourceAmounts, and you should see an entry (which actually is an 
array data type, but will not go into cs mumbo jumbo for the sake of simplicity) 
something like this:


Modify the first four entries to any number of your liking. These correspond to DNA, 
hero currency (to unlock heroes), money (which is used to purchase equipments and weapons), 
and the currency which is used to obtain perks (the one you receive for defeating enemies, 
in red, don't know the name, sorry!).

Load up your save file, and you should have the resources.

Please note that every time you die, the file will add data of your current play with 
your previous play. so ensure that you are editing resourceAmounts of your current 

The file will continue to grow as many times as you die, so it may become quiet lengthy 
and may become a bit difficult to find the resourceAmounts of your current playthrough 
(which is usually right at the end).

-=Important Points to Take Care of=-
For this to work, you need to have atleast 1 unit of whatever resource you're trying to 
increase. Be it DNA, gold, or any other resources. This will not work if the resource 
you're trying to increase is not in your inventory

Please note that your dna and gold are reset to zero every time you die.

With that said, do not expect the game to become a cakewalk, even at max levels and 
unlimited resources, you will die if you strategy+hero combo sucks.

How to Transfer Your Save Files from Xbox Gamepass to Steam:
Written by DANW0LF

A guide on how to transfer your save from Xbox to Steam.

-=Transferring Save Files Guide=-
Copies the files from Xbox Game Pass Save File Location:


To Steam Save File Location:
\Documents\Star Renegades

There should only be four files:

* combatsave.mdi
* editorsave.mdi
* profile.mdi
* SRRWSlot0.mdi

By doing this you may have missed the trigger for many of the Steam Achievements to!

Hidden Character Unlocks Guide:
Written by DANW0LF

A guide on which pairs you need to unlock the hidden characters.

-=Character Unlocks=-
To unlock the hidden unique classes or alternate progenies, you need to fill the relationship 
meter to four hearts (soulmates). They will then be available to purchase in the quantum 
synthesizer by using your tech meta-currency.

-=Hidden Unique Classes=-
* Gunslinger [Commando + Saboteur]
* Juggernaut [Aegis + Enforcer]
* Spectre [Empath + Marksman]
* Varangian [Valkyrie + Archon]
* Paragon [Win-a-Run] Exception as not hidden at the start, just locked, until you've won a run.

-=Alternate Progenies=-
There are many, and most are still unknown. They are basically alternate art variations of 
their parents, but with slightly different stats and slightly varied skills. 

Below is a list of known parents that create two progenies.

* Aegis + Paragon
* Aegis + Saboteur
* Archon + Empath
* Commando + Empath
* Commando + Varangian
* Enforcer + Marksman
* Enforcer + Varangian
* Valkyrie + Gunslinger

Every hero can pair up with at least three other heroes to unlock alternate progenies.

Combat Tactics Guide:
Written by Setokaiva

Learn about staggers, stuns, elemental effects, and how to game the system to give yourself 
an edge in battle.

This guide aims to teach players about staggers, stuns, elemental effects, and how to 
use these and other elements to dominate the field of battle. I want to point out that 
Star Renegades has some really unique systems that can throw off even diehard RPG fans 
like me at first, and knowing when and how to place your attacks is absolutely Critical -- 
pun intended.

-=Staggers and Breaks=-
In any battle, you'll see a "time bar" at the top of the screen that shows when characters 
and enemies will take their actions. Pay very close attention to this bar. All combat 
takes place in Rounds, and each round is 60s; not literal 'seconds', but you can think of 
them more like 'time units' or 'TU's'. Any action has a time cost, and actions with lesser 
cost happen before higher ones in the turn order. If any attack comes before something or 
someone can take their turn, that attack activates a Crit, and gets bonus damage and/or 
additional effects on top of its regular ones.

One of the most common Crit bonuses is a Stagger, shown by a little clock icon with a 
number and the letter 's' by it. Staggering an enemy pushes their action back by that 
many TU's, which can cause them to act after your other characters, thus allowing even 
attacks that wouldn't otherwise Crit them to now Crit, which can Stagger them even 
further down the turn. Staggering enemies completely off the round will Break them, 
meaning they can't act that round at all, but -- and this is important -- they will 
have that exact same action queued in the next round! Breaking enemies does not prevent 
them from using that nasty AoE multi-target skill you want to avoid, it only delays it! 
And it may also cause them to execute that action in the next round before you have 
time to hit them properly again, and, their Stagger Limit (the number by each enemy's 
icon on the turn bar) is probably 0 by then, so you can't push them any further up 
the turn bar until they take their action!

Once an enemy does take their action, their Stagger Limit will increase again, 
typically by 2, allowing them to be Staggered once more. While this means you can't 
completely stop enemies from taking certain actions using Staggers, it does give 
you more time to rack up damage, heal up, or apply buffs/debuffs to make surviving 
that attack easier. There are a number of important lessons and tactical maneuvers 
I've picked up from this system that I felt like sharing with everyone.

-=Non-Staggering Crits are Good=-
Staggers are nice, but they deplete an enemy's Stagger Limit. When you want to hit a 
foe but don't want to Stagger them -- typically because their action is one you can 
easily deal with, like a single-target shot you're going to Defend against -- using 
Flurry attacks or others that don't inflict Staggers lets you rack up damage without 
compromising your turn order. This lesson leads right into...

-=Knowing When to Take the Hit=-
It's easy to bumrush opponents with Crits and Breaks, but it's important to realize 
when your best bet is to take the hits that you can. Any time an enemy takes an 
action, their Stagger Limit increases for the next round, so if you didn't stagger
 an enemy on Round 1 when they had 2 limit, you can stagger them *4* times on Round 2. 
This can make for a life-saving difference -- if you know that a particular opponent 
has both single-target and AoE attacks, for instance, and you let him use his single-
target attack while playing more defensive that round, and he then tries his AoE... 
well, you could very well be able to stagger him 2 or even 3 rounds off-balance 
before he ever gets to fire off that death-dealing ability. 
This will give you plenty of time to rack up damage and heal up your party.

-=Big staggers are not always good!=-
Bad Time 101: You set up your Archon to heal the party after an AoE attack that's 
coming your way, then realize you've staggered the enemy so much that his hit is 
going to come after the heal, rendering the heal useless. Be mindful of things like 

-=The 'Tee-Up'=-
This means pushing a foe as close to the edge of the time bar as you can, then 
knocking them over it with an extremely staggering attack like Blitz, Sever or 
Shield Throw. The weight of a Stagger that Breaks an enemy determines when in the 
turn order their action is going to come next round, allowing you to tee-up enemies 
to be knocked so far over the line that you can virtually guarantee being able to 
continue Critting them next round.

-=Fury Farming=-
Fury is an important resource you earn during battles that lets you do special
moves & combos with characters. You get 1 Fury per Crit (Stagger or no), 4 per 
Break, up to a max of 50. If you don't mind prolonging fights a bit, try to milk 
them for as much Fury as possible, by letting an enemy get their hitsies in and 
continually Breaking them. Having lots of Fury lets you pull off moves that can 
turn fights around in a heartbeat, like a massive damage combo attack as a free 
action that can finish off an enemy at 0 Stagger Limit who is about to Frag or 
Buckets-'o'-Pain your whole party before anyone else can kill him.

-=Stuns & Debuffs=-
Stuns are amazing. Stuns are game changers. Stuns are single-use-per-fight abilities 
that hate being wasted and taken for granted! Stuns do two incredible things that 
Staggers/Breaks do not:

They can completely interrupt any action that explicitly cannot be delayed, like 
an enemy Wraith in Vengeance Mode ready to give your party a Bad Time if they attack.
They force enemies to choose a different action! I cannot stress this enough -- 
Breaking an enemy with staggers only delaystheir attack, it does not stop them 
from doing it at all! When you absolutely need to stop that sack of health called 
a Panzer from gutting your party, Stunning it will force it to unqueue its current 
action and choose something else, and that can save your characters from taking 
permanent damage or outright wiping.

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